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Patterno and Text filter Tutorial / Font designs

patterno and text and fonts and typeface background tile

How to use the font set designs in the text filter of Patterno application tutorial. Patterno includes many different types of filters such as dots, confetti etc as well as text. The texts filter has a number of presets. Click on one of the Patterno texts presets. Go to the right side panel and set the width and height of the Patterno pattern. You can also change the background to image and color and gradient. You can then remove all the current text entries by clicking the - button. You can add new items by clicking the + button. Change the text for each entry as well as the color. You can also change the font and size and stroke as well as how the Patterno selects the order of the text chosen (such as random or in order) as brightness etc. You can save the Patterno artwork as a PNG etc file. You can also save the pattern tile via the save to resolution and save that seamless tile for use in Photoshop, psp etc. This tutorial shows you how to use the Patterno applications's texts filter.

  1. Start Patterno

  2. Click on texts filter (left side panel)

  3. Display a selection of text presets

  4. Click on a preset (stanley cup)

  5. Set canvas size

  6. Set the text

  7. Change the text for the first etc items

  8. Change the color of the text

  9. Change font

  10. Change generator settings etc

  11. Click save gto resolution to save a tile with the current artwork

Basics of patterno and text filter

snowflake font shapes for patterno

The Patterno application is a tool from Neatberry. The set includes many filters such as text filter, dots, confetti, stripes etc. You can use many of the tools with the EPS files included in our font / eps sets but you can also use the font sets with the 'text' filter in Patterno. The oddbunch font set is used in the image on the left (from graphicxtras). Patterno is an excellent application that is worth checking out on their site,


  1. Start Patterno

  2. Go to filter section and text filter

  3. Select one of the default presets such as cities or films or flowers

  4. Go to the string section and select the font (this is the standard list of all the typefaces on your system)

  5. Select one of the graphicxtras font sets (if you want to use those or just arial or another font)

  6. Set the stroke and stroke color as well as background color as well as width and height

  7. Set the texts mode as well as colors mode and case mode and brightness etc

  8. Add or subtract texts as required such as in flowers, enter new flower names or just change the flowers to something else as well as change the colors for the fill of the text


The set on the right is a snowflake font set all are in the same color for all the characters (only four characters have been used)

Text filter

text filter in patterno and pattern designs

The text filter in patterno creates text in random (as well as sequence) way using the 'texts' and fills the artwork with the words in the texts section and in the color listed. If you want the text to made up of the words





then just go to the + button in the texts section and add those words. You can then select the other texts such as 'violet' and remove them using the '-' button. You will then see them appear in the preview.

  1. Click the - and delete all the items in Patterno preset

  2. Click the + button

  3. Update the text and change the color

  4. Click the + button in Patterno

  5. Update the text and change the color

  6. and repeat

  7. Goto the strings and change font to Arial etc

  8. To cram all the type together, set the spacing to 0 and 0

  9. To set the type as random, select random for text mode

  10. Change the background color (or image or gradient) via the canvas top of the panel

  11. Click the save to resolution to save the artwork as a tile for import into Photoshop etc


You can add many words (not sure of the limit) and can change them all to the same color or use different random colors. Or you can just go to the current texts and type over them in the texts line so violet can be turned into circle etc. Click the seed in the random section to randomize the preview of the Patterno texts

Save the pattern

patterno save resolution tile in Photoshop

The patterno application can be used to create all kinds of text patterns by saving the tile via the 'save to resolution'. You can also save the current displayed image to a PNG (or JPG etc) file etc. Patterno has 100s of wonderful features but sadly layers and effects are not included (would love to see them added in any update of the powerful tool) so it is probably best to export the artwork from the text filter and then use that in a tool like Affinity Photo or Painter or Photoshop. Patterno does have a number of other excellent filters and they are all worth checking out and I will be adding short tutorials on those as well). In Photoshop, just use the define pattern command with the save to resolution image. If you want to use the artwork in Photoshop then save the art as a PNG file and then load into Photoshop


  1. Create a pattern in Patterno via a preset such as the texts presets.

  2. Add multiple text items via the + button

  3. Set the canvas size

  4. Set background via canvas

  5. Click the new to randomize the pattern

  6. Go to the save to resolution

  7. Click

  8. Save as PNG file

  9. Open in Photoshop

  10. Edit menu

  11. Define pattern

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