How to create a bicycle wheel in Illustrator tutorial

How to create a quick bicycle wheel design in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc

Create bicycle wheel in Illustrator

create bicycle wheel in Illustrator tutorial
  1. Goto the polar grid tool in Illustrator toolbar (below line tool) for the bicycle wheel design

  2. Double click the Illustrator tool icon and set concentric dividers to 0 and set radial to 28

  3. Object menu and ungroup the bicycle wheel

  4. Set stroke weight for the spokes to 10px

  5. Select the outer ring and set the stroke weight to 40px

  6. Select ellipse tool and set fill to black and apply to the center of the bicycle wheel

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


The polar grid feature is super useful for all kinds of designs and not just using it for creating the design above. You can also create many variations of the above design as the artwork can be set to any color so it does not need to be black or filled etc. All the spokes can be changed perhaps to different colors such as red and green and blue. The spokes can also be modified by adding dashes etc as well as perhaps adding variable width profiles to the Illustrator bicycle wheel. The design can also be filled with random colors by using the paint bucket tool to fill the gaps between the spokes. You can also duplicate the above design and create 1000s of different sized designs of the same graphic and then combine them in multiple ways to create backgrounds or overlays. You can also fill the area between the spokes with text / type or perhaps other paths such as circles and dots and stars etc. You can fill the area between the spokes with images.


The artwork can also be used as a great starting point for t-shirt designs or perhaps a design for a club or association. The artwork can also be used as a book cover design or record cover artwork or the label of a LP etc


You can also add the artwork to the CC library by dragging the artwork from the artboard and into the CC library. Once the design has been added to the library it is also backed up on the Adobe server and can then be used in tools such as Photoshop and After Effects (it would make a really wonderful graphic for all kinds of films). You can also use it in applications such as Adobe Premiere


You can also export the design for use to other applications via the save or export command and export it for use in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo or GIMP. The design can be saved as a vector AI design as well as perhaps SVG or SWF. You can also export the artwork as a selection via the export features for use as a raster design.


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