How to convert text to curves in Affinity Designer Tutorial

Text can be converted to standard paths / curves in Affinity Designer. Quickly convert to standard outlines

Convert text to curves in Affinity Designer

How to convert text to paths / curves in Affinity Designer
  1. Select the artistic text tool in Affinity Designer toolbar

  2. Click document artboard

  3. Select the required font (such as one of the graphicxtras fonts) and size and color and type some text in Affinity Designer

  4. Right click the artistic text

  5. Convert to curves

  6. Select individual characters by going to the layers panel

  7. Select the node tool in the Affinity Designer toolbar and drag nodes to modify the curves

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Frame : frameThe same can be done with the frame tool. You can simply right click the frame and select the convert command and then you then be able to manipulate the artwork.


Ungroup the artwork by going to the layer menu and use the ungroup command.


You can then select the individual characters and use the tools such as the node tool to manipulate the parts of the shape. You can also re-color the artwork and drag them to different parts of the document out of the original frame



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Artistic : artisticGo to the artistic option in the toolbar and click the document and create some characters. Set the font and size for the characters.


Right click and do the same as frame tool. You can then ungroup them and manipulate them separately and use tools such as the node tool to change the points.


You can also re-color the artwork as well as transform them in many ways.


Layers : layersThe key panel is the layers - select the characters in the panel and then you can go to the features in the layer panel and set layer effects such as bevels and shadows etc.


You can then group the paths as well as arrange them such as moving the art above all the others


Geometry : geometryYou can use the layer panel to combine those generated characters as well as other paths



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