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Stripe Brush Creation in Affinity Designer Tutorial



The first thing to do is create the design that is going to be used in Affinitty Designer and in this case a stripe design. A stripe is made up of rectangles so go to the rectangle tool and create a rectangle, drag horizontally to create a rectangle bigger in the horizontal than the vertical and then duplicate this by holding down the alt / option key and dragging. Once you have multiple rectangles, place them beneath each other vertically and then use the alignment tools to align them so you have a large rectangle made up multiple smaller rectangles and then select them in turn and set the color via the swatches panel for each. Select them and go to the layers panel and right click and apply group command. Go to the FX at the bottom of the layers panel and add a 3D effect to the stripes group. Now go to the file command and export this and I would suggest PNG and use the selection for the export iin the panel, You can now go to the brushes panel and right side menu and use the textured image command to import the design in and this will be saved to the brushes panel. You can now double click the entry and change the settings such as use the repeat option and set the bounds for the repeatt by shifting the red lines. You can also set the width and jitter etc.


You can now apply the brush stroke via the vector brush tool or pen tool etc. Please check out the video tutorial by us on how to create and use this.