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Convert text to path / curves in Affinity Designer Tutorial

convert text to paths in Affinity Designer

Text can be converted to standard paths / curves in Affinity Designer. This tutorial shows you how to quickly convert the text

  1. Select the artistic text tool in Affinity Designer toolbar

  2. Click document artboard

  3. Select the required font (such as one of the graphicxtras fonts)

  4. Select the size and color

  5. Type something (one character or more)

  6. Right click the artistic text

  7. Convert to curves

  8. Select the node tool in the Affinity Designer toolbar

  9. Drag the nodes

The same can be done with the frame text tool. You can apply effects etc to the converted curve designs as well as manipulate the notes with the node tool and also smooth the artwork with the corner tool.

Combine converted text paths with other paths in Affinity Designer

geometry and text and convert

You can convert text into a normal path / curves and then combine the curves with another path such as an ellipse or cog etc

  1. Select the artistic text tool

  2. Select font / size etc

  3. Click document / artboard and create design via keyboard character

  4. Right click and select convert to curves

  5. Go to the ellipse tool

  6. Create an ellipse

  7. Select both designs

  8. Use one of the combine / subtract etc options found via the top bar of Affinity Designer or layer menu geometry commands

One of the more interesting options in the geometry has to be the divide as that splits the paths into individual components


1. How to use the cog tool in Affinity Designer to create amazing cogs

Other resources

1. Circula track font shapes OTF for use in Affinity Designer (and others)



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