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Gradient swatches for Illustrator CC

The gradient swatches for Illustrator CC. The gradient swatches are all for use on the pc and mac. The gradient swatches are an amazing set of colorful radial gradient swatches and linear gradient swatches. The gradient swatches include many different gradients such as column gradients, frame like gradients, random line gradients, smooth gradients and more. The gradient swatches are all in AI format. You can use them as resources for patterns as well as images, use them with type, use them with extrude features, use them for designs for brushes and much more. You can also export the designs for use in After Effects videos and Photoshop. You can combine them in millions of ways with multiple paths and blends as well as via the appearance panel. You can use them in commercial and personal work. All are royalty free. All the gradient swatches are by / Andrew Buckle

Gradient swatches to buy

All the sets costs $7.79 (also GBP, etc) (or in different currencies), AI format, downloads

BUY 7,600 Gradient swatches (V2) Gradient swatches for Illustrator

BUY 1,100 Wow artwork patterns (V3) Gradient swatches for Illustrator

BUY 1,600 Colorful tiles (V1) Gradient swatch tiles for Illustrator

BUY 625 Tiles (V7) Colorful gradient patterns for Illustrator

Creating gradient swatches

You can create a quick gradient swatch

  1. Create a basic rectangle and keep selected

  2. Go to the swatches panel

  3. Click on one of the pre-built colorful gradients

  4. Go to the gradient panel (window menu)

  5. Add a color stop by clicking below the bottom of the gradient slider (a little + will appear in the cursor)

  6. double click a stop to change a color

  7. select a stop and drag downwards to remove

  8. click a stop and drag left or right to move

  9. Add multiple new stops

  10. Set the gradient type to radial or linear

  11. swatches panel and new swatch

  12. Save the document as an AI file (and the gradients will then be accessible in other documents)