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grid symbols for Illustrator shapes

Grid symbols are for use in Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc. The grid and tabular symbols are for use on the PC and MAC. Load the grid symbols via the Illustrator symbols panel and then drag the symbols to the artboard or use the symbol sprayer to spray the grid symbols onto the artboard. Many different grids are included such as thin line grid symbols, angled grid symbols, colorful grid symbols, different cell combination grid symbols for Illustrator. All the grid symbols are for commercial use as well as personal use. All are royalty free. They are all by / Andrew Buckle

Grid symbols to purchase

$7.79 (also GBP, etc) per set, AI format, download


BUY 100 Grid symbols (V84) Grid symbols and shapes for Illustrator


BUY 800 Grid symbols (V2) Grid symbols for Illustrator

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Reference and sources

1. Grid designs on wikipedia

How to install the grid symbols

  1. Download the grid symbols zip

  2. Unzip set

  3. Select the AI file

  4. Copy

  5. Paste the AI file into the presets folder 'symbols' (found beneath Illustrator folder in program files etc)

  6. Start Illustrator

  7. Open document

  8. Goto symbols panel

  9. Right side menu and open symbols library

  10. select the grid symbols

  11. select a grid design

  12. Drag to the document or use with the symbol sprayer tool