How to convert brushes to symbols in Illustrator tutorial

How to use brush strokes as a great source for symbols / shapes in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 etc

Convert brushes to Illustrator symbols

convert illustrator brushes to symbols tutorial
  1. Select a line (or create using line segment tool) to hold the Illustrator brush stroke

  2. Apply a preset from brush panel

  3. Drag the brush to the symbol panel (select dynamic etc symbol)

  4. Use the "brush" symbol with the sprayer tool etc in Illustrator

The key thing here is the Illustrator brush which can be applied to 1000s of different path shapes as well as modified in countless ways by changing the spacing, size etc Once you have that, you can then convert it to another preset


Using a path as the source for the new preset : You can apply an stroke to a path. You can manipulate the applied stroke such as add a variable width profile. You can tweak the stroke setting via the strokes panel. You can set the size or spacing etc You can also change the color settings for the preset. Once you have finished


Basic drag from one panel to another : You can also just select the artwork in one panel and drag from that panel and then drag it to the other preset panel - that is probably the simplest way but some of the best results are from using the scatter and artistic designs


Sprayer tool : Once you have added your artwork to the panel, you can then select the presets and use the sprayer tool found in the toolbar. You can then fill the entire document with the artworks. You can also then manipulate the size and angle etc by using the sub tools supplied with the sprayer such as the spinner and sizer.


Live presets : The artworks saved to the panel are still live (unless you have expanded the stroke). You can go to the panel and double click the shapes and then edit the artwork and select a different applied stroke . For example if you have created a shape using a circle filled with X designs and then you double click the shape in the panel, the artwork is displayed with the attached stroke which can be altered such as changing the color or changing artistic to scatter etc. On exit from the isolation mode, the artwork in the shape's panel will be updated as will any instances of the design such as ones applied by the sprayer tool





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