How to convert art to scatter brushes in Illustrator tutorial

How to convert art brushes to scatter in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc.

Convert art brushes to scatter brushes

art brushes to scatter brushes convert in Illustrator


  1. Select required art (artistic in earlier versions) brush in the Illustrator brushes panel

  2. Drag to the document and go to the object menu and ungroup and remove bounding box

  3. Make modifications to the normal Illustrator path

  4. Drag artwork back into the presets panel

  5. Select the scatter option

  6. Scatter options such as hue etc

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can convert from one format to another and also back to the other format.


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Preset panel : presetsThe key thing is to select the preset from the presets panel and then add it to the document / artboard.


It is a pity that there is no auto convert feature for the strokes.


You can then remove the bounding box etc from the path by using the ungroup command found in the object menu


You can add additional paths and modify the color etc as required to the artwork. You can then drag it back into the presets panel.


On return to the presets panel you are offered the options for the new stroke - just select the correct one for the task that you want to do


Options for the new tool : settings Size for the stroke





Pen features : as well as the options for the fixed, random, pressure, tilt etc


Colorization method


Use path and preset : pathYou can also simply use a stroke with an attached preset and that can be applied to a path and dragged into the presets panel and then set to the required type and then all the size etc settings added


You can use this approach to add the artwork to stars and circles as well as many other paths before saving that artwork into the panel.


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