How to use photos / images as Illustrator Brushes tutorial

How to use images / photos etc as Illustrator, all kinds of images and photos and illustrations can be used as sources for Illustrator brush strokes in CC 2018 2017 etc

Photos / images as Illustrator brushes

photo images as Illustrator brushes tutorial
  1. Window menu in Illustrator

  2. Brushes

  3. Select image in artboard

  4. Drag image to brushes panel

  5. Select art brush or scatter etc

  6. Set options

  7. OK

You can now apply via paths and type and strokes etc. (such as artworks created in Flame Painter as on the right).


You can also use Photoshop brushes imported via libraries etc and add those as art brushes or scatter brushes etc. You can also use custom shapes with styles as a great source for Illustrator brushes. You can add pattern layers (import via libraries) as a source for new brushes as well as gradients. You can also use type photos / images as a great source for new art brushes etc. This tutorial shows you how to use a variety of image / photo sources as Illustrator brushes



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Photos / Images as a wonderful source for amazing designs as an Illustrator brush

photo image into Illustrator brushesWith the latest version (Creative Cloud), you can add photo / images to the Illustrator brushes - either as scatter or artistic or pattern. You can use Photos and images from all kinds of sources and not just standard images but also ones from custom shapes and brushes as well as places such as Adobe Stock. You can also use scans from books etc (especially public domain ones) to create a wonderful selection of amazing photo and image based Illustrator brushes

  1. Save image with transparency in Flame Painter 3 Pro (or other app)

  2. Save as PNG file

  3. File menu in Illustrator

  4. Place command

  5. Click embed

  6. Select image

  7. Drag to the brushes panel

  8. New brush - select scatter or artistic etc


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