How to use images as Illustrator Brushes tutorial

How to use images / photos etc as Illustrator brushes in CC 2018 2017 etc

Photos / images as Illustrator brushes

photo images as Illustrator brushes tutorial
  1. Window menu in Illustrator

  2. Brushes

  3. Select image in artboard

  4. Drag image to brushes panel

  5. Select art brush or scatter etc

  6. Set options

  7. OK


Video tutorial on the subject by


You can now apply the strokes via paths and type etc.


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Photoshop resources : Raster designs from Photoshop such as custom shapes pixel designs, patterns, etc can be used as a great set of pictures for use with the panel. Any images created in Photoshop can be quickly saved to the CC library and then dragged from the CC library onto the AI artboard and then dragged into the panel and saved as a new artistic strokes etc


Public domain : Another great source of material being public domain images. These can be placed in AI and then dragged to the panel. Of course, you can always do a little pre-Photoshop work on the photos before adding them into the panel.


Nozzles : flamesNozzles from Painter make a great source for designs for the panel. You will have to export them from Painter as PNG files beforehand but much of the work has been done to add them into a nozzle format and they can be quickly add as a wonderful scatter stroke in AI


Flame example : Create a quick artwork in the powerful Flame Painter. Save the artwork as a PNG file and then access the PNG file via the place command (file menu) in AI. Click embed and select the generated artwork. Drag that to the brushes panel and select a new artistic etc


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