How to add effects to text in Illustrator tutorial

Add effects to Text / type

how to add effects to text in Illustrator tutorial
  1. Go to the type tool and type your text or select existing characters (or target it in the layers panel)

  2. Go to the effect menu

  3. Goto to distort and transform category and select free distort (or any other)

  4. Apply effect to type and click OK

  5. Go to the appearance panel (window menu)

  6. With text still selected, you will see the effect entry added to the type entry

  7. To change the added effect, click the free distort and change settings

  8. Add others such as tweak, pucker, blur etc from the menu


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Edit the live words : liveIf you have a word 'Robert' and you have blurs and poster edges etc attached, you can quickly edit the characters and change to 'Richard'. The blurs etc will be updated to reflect this. Click into the object and change the character or characters.


There maybe some delay as the blur etc is updated to the reflect the new characters


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Works on total object or single via expand : singleYou can apply the blur etc on the entire word or paragraph. If you select a single letter you will find you cannot add a blur or transform etc as they will be disabled.


A workaround is use the object menu and expand and then go to the layers panel and expand the characters and then go to the right side of any of the entries and click the target (circle) and then apply the blurs or transform etc


Styles : You can add graphic styles to the letters as well. Go to the window menu and select graphic styles and you will see the panel with all the glowing, bevel etc settings. Select your letters and click one of those to add the fills, strokes etc.


You can then go to the appearance panel and see the various filters and fills and gradients and strokes and you add then add a free distort etc to those using the same approach as above.


You may find that some styles do not work well with the characters and if that is the case then you may have to convert the characters into outline via the expand command or create outlines. Another option also is to go to the appearance panel and occasionally deleting one entry will reveal the full glory of the style.


Transform copies : The distort category also has the powerful transform command which works well with letters, words, paragraphs. You can use it to create multiple copies of your words and then shift those copies by 100pt or 200pt as well as rotate the copies and also scale them - so you can use the transform command to create interesting spiral letter designs as well as zooms and blurs etc.


You can add more than one of the transforms (as well as free distorts or pucker) so all kinds of transformations can be generated with your words.


All can be manipulated via the appearance panel entries.


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