How to merge graphic styles in Illustrator tutorial

Tutorial on how to merge graphic styles in Illustrator such as color effects, transformations etc

Merge Illustrator graphic styles

merging graphic styles in Illustrator
  1. To merge, go to the graphic styles panel in Illustrator

  2. Select two or more styles in the graphic styles panel (hold down ctrl or CMD key)

  3. Go to the styles menu (right side menu)

  4. Select the merge option

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can merge most graphic styles. Some will not combine well and the result will be great and may require additional work via the appearance panel


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I have had a few crashes when I have used the command, so I would definitely recommend that you save the work before using the command.


Scribbles : sketch gradientYou can combine different sketch effects in seconds by using the command. Go to the scribble library (via the window menu) and open that. Select some of the scribbles and they will be added to the document's presets panel. Select the presets in that panel to combine and go to the merge command.


You will then see a new preset appear. Apply that to paths.


You can now also go to the appearance panel and expand out to see the different scribbles added and you can either remove the entries or update them to achieve a better result.


Color combines : combined long If you have one of our pattern sets, you can combine those as well to create even more unique colorful effects. You will find effects such as one with straight line designs up and down and others with diagonal lines. Select them in the preset's panel.


Use the same command to combine the effects. Go to the appearance panel and then perhaps change the blending mode so you can achieve different color combinations. Any changes can be saved as a new preset via the preset panel.


As you can see on the right, the appearance panel can be filled with lots of different fills after using the command and in some cases you may find the result is not what is expected because one of the fills will have a normal blending mode and all the other fills then are hidden. You need to have the modes to difference etc or perhaps the opacity set to 50% etc for the color to be seen. This is not often the case with other combinations such as transformations


Transformations : transformYou can create a transform for a path such as move 10px and 10px as well as generate 10 copies. You can create another transform and have it rotate the artwork by 10 degrees etc.


If you save them as presets to the panel then you can combine them to create a new preset.


The new preset will have the fills as well as the two (or more) transformations combined. All kinds of transforms can be combined such as warps as well.


You can also re-order the transforms so the result will be quite different when applied to a path or paths


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