How to rasterize graphic styles in Illustrator tutorial

How to rasterize graphic styles in Illustrator tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc.

Rasterization of a graphic style in Illustrator

how to rasterize graphic styles in Illustrator
  1. Create a path or select a path for the style

  2. Apply an effect via the Illustrator graphic style panel

  3. Goto the object menu

  4. Rasterize command

  5. Set the color model as well as the resolution and anti-aliasing option as well as the background (personally I always select the transparent)


The result sometimes generates a rasterized image that is slightly different in color (not sure the reason for that)


Re-vector the artwork : traceYou can also continue to use the new design as a new vector by using the image trace feature. Select the rasterized path with the attached effects and then go to the Image trace panel. Set the image trace mode to color and modify the settings as you wish.


Once you are happy with the work, click the expand button. Goto to the object menu and use the ungroup command. You can now use color adjustments and color guides as well as other vector effects on the newly re-generated vector path


Live effect : appearance panelThere is a live effect available, simply select the artwork and then go to the effects menu. Select the rasterize command and then set the values in the panel such as the resolution, background etc


To change this live effect, go to the appearance panel with the path selected and click the effect entry (underlined) and the panel will re-appear and the settings can be changed from 72ppi etc to 300ppi (for example). You can also change the fill and stroke of the selected artwork via the appearance panel. You can, while the live effect is active, change the underlying design such as using the direct selection tool to modify the anchor points or use the add points to add additional points to the path


You can create some unusual designs simply by setting the PPI to a very low setting.


If you want to delete the live effect, select the entry and then go to the delete selected item button at the bottom of the panel


Once you are happy with the artwork, you can also expand the appearance via the object menu


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