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How to rasterize graphic styles in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

rasterize graphic styles in Illustrator

How to rasterize graphic styles in Illustrator tutorial in CC 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc. Illustrator Graphic styles can be beautiful designs (as well as live effects) in their own right and you can also use them as a great source for rasterized images in Illustrator (as well as copying the result to Photoshop etc) The Illustrator graphic styles effect and applied path can be rasterized and then re-used perhaps via live trace - the live trace is now even more amazing with even more features in the latest version CS6.

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Rasterization of a graphic style / path in Illustrator via the object menu

rasterize graphic style panel

To rasterize the path / Illustrator graphic style combination

  1. Create a path / select a path

  2. Apply a graphic style in Illustrator via the graphic style panel

  3. go to the object menu

  4. rasterize command

  5. set the color model as well as the resolution and anti-aliasing option as well as the background (personally I always select the transparent)


The result sometimes generates a rasterized image that is slightly different in color (not sure the reason for that)

Image trace on the rasterized graphic style / path combination

You can also continue to use the new design as a new vector by using the image trace feature

  1. Select the rasterized path / graphic style

  2. image trace

  3. set the image trace mode to color

  4. expand

  5. object menu

  6. ungroup

You can now manipulate the re-generated vector path in countless ways such as using color adjustments or color guides and other effects

Rasterization via effects - new Illustrator graphic style 'live' rasterization

illustrator graphic styles rastrization shapeYou can use the rasterization of a vector as a live effect so any changes to the underlying vector path are instantly live and updated.

  1. Select the path / graphic style

  2. Go to the effects menu

  3. select rasterize.

  4. set the resolution, background, add space to the art etc.

  5. Click OK.

To change the rasterization

  1. go to the appearance panel

  2. click the rasterize entry and change the settings

To change the underlying path

  1. go to the appearance panel

  2. change the fill and stroke etc

and you will see the rasterized path updated

If you wish to have it fully rasterized

  1. go to the object menu

  2. expand appearance

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