How to create a symbol from an Illustrator style tutorial

How to create a symbol from an Illustrator graphic style tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc

Symbols from graphic styles

How to create a symbol from an Illustrator style tutorial
  1. Select a path for the graphic style (and to then be converted to a Illustrator symbol)

  2. Go to the style panel

  3. Apply a preset to selected path

  4. Drag path to the symbols panel. Select either the static option or the dynamic option

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can add graphic styles to any path, that path can then be saved to a new preset


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Effects : How to use this approach to create some truly awesome effects. Well, the keyword there is effects. You can select any path and then add a live effect to the artwork such as transformations and blurs as well as multiple fills and strokes. This can all then be manipulated via the appearance panel and then any work can be added and used with a number of panel. You can also take any stored effect and apply it to any path so if you started to create your effects and fills with a circle, they can then also be added to stars and lines and type and many other paths.


Drag paths and effects to panel : you can then take all these designs and drag them into the presets panel to store them as a static (in the case of the older versions of AI) or dynamic. Once stored there they can be used as a powerful design with the sprayer tool


Change preset settings : you can always double click the entry in the panel and when you do, the associated effects and fills will again be visible via the appearance panel so if you have a gradient or an effect you want to add or change then you can quickly change it and then exit from isolation mode and then all the instances will be updated in the document. You can also double click any instance to change the settings as well. The key panel is the appearance panel in all this.


You can repeat this changing of the preset at any time - this makes this combination of effects / fills (such as a change to a gradient) etc a powerful addition to the the sprayer tool and other uses of the instances in AI


You will see the change reflected in all of the instances as well as the master in the panel.


Sprayer : You can find the sprayer tool in the toolbar. Select the effect / fill preset and then apply it via the sprayer tool (you can find other tutorials on the site about the sprayer tool which comes with a selection of size and stainer and spinner etc features).


You can then fill the document / artboard with 100s of copies of your wonderful effects all stored in an instance that can be swapped and changed in countless ways to create all kinds of unique designs


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