How to create Illustrator styles tutorial

How to create Illustrator styles tutorialHow to create Illustrator graphic style in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 etc


  1. Select a path in Illustrator with a fill and stroke and perhaps a live effect etc

  2. Window menu and graphic styles

  3. Right side menu and new graphic style ... to create the new preset

  4. The graphic style is then saved to the presets panel


Types of preset : goldYou can create many different presets such as

fills + strokes + live effects

gradient fills + strokes + live effects

fills + strokes

multiple fills + multiple strokes

pattern fills + strokes

and many more



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Build your own preset via appearance panel : You can build up the preset via the appearance panel. Find the appearance panel via the window menu.


As you can see on the right - the selected path has a variety of fills and effects added and this can then be saved as a new preset (as described above). You can tweak the settings and then save it as a new preset


You can add all kinds of live effects to the artwork such as transforms as well as extrude effects and scribble and pucker and bloat as well as filter gallery effects such as a blur.


Once you have created your preset, to store it permanently you must also save the file to an AI format file and access it via the libraries functionality


Drag to panel : another way to create the preset is to build up the entry in the appearance panel and then go to the top of the appearance panel and then drag the little thumbnail from there to the presets panel and you will see the item added to the panel with all the settings - this is an alternative to the new command.


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