How to create spheres in Illustrator tutorial

How to create sphere / globe / ball using Illustrator graphic styles tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5

Create sphere in Illustrator

Rounded style graphic styles sphere artwork symbol Illustrator gradient fill
  1. Create or select a circle path

  2. Double click the gradient tool - this displays the panel

  3. Select a tile - this fills the current selected path with a gradient such as 'sky' or 'orchard'

  4. Set type to radial type

  5. Position the center point by selecting and moving the bar

  6. Set the first stop (left) to white or light color - creating a highlight

  7. Set the last or end stop to a darker color - creates the shadow for the sphere

  8. Set the middle stops as required - gives the overall color to the sphere

  9. Display the graphic style panel and then select the right side menu 'new graphic style'

  10. Save this Illustrator graphic style (spherical style)


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Additional highlights : highlightsAdditional highlights can be added to the artwork by changing blending modes of the gradients to screen.


See the image on the right where two highlights are displayed in top left and bottom right.


Buy Price : $3.49 US or equivalent. 150 Gradient themed effects (V2) gallery


Use the above technique to create a globe and then go to the appearance panel and select the fill for the object. Goto the right side menu of the appearance panel and then duplicate the fill. Go to the top entry and then change entry's blending mode to screen.


More than two highlights can be added though as you add more and more fills and more screen blending modes, the result will lose all the color in the design


Saving and using the effect : balls and globesYou can save the style to the preset's panel via the right side menu command. Once you have saved it to the panel, you can select other paths (circles etc) and apply the effect to those. By selecting multiple circles and adding the effect, you can generate 100s of balls / globes. You can also simply select one of the balls and alt / option and generate additional paths.


The artwork can then also be copied to the CC library panel and then re-used in Photoshop (or you can also simply select and copy and then paste the artwork into Photoshop). You can also then use the designs in Premiere and After Effects etc


Save as symbol : sprayYou can also simply select the artwork and then drag that into the symbol's panel and then use the globe design with the sprayer tool. You can then re-size the artwork as well as rotate and shift and re-color the artwork in seconds.


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