Christmas / xmas symbols

Christmas symbols are for use in Illustrator CC 2018 - CS5CS4 CS3 etc.

Christmas symbols

AI format, download. Price :$6.49 US Dollars


Buy 100 Christmas symbols V98 Christmas bauble symbols for Illustrator


Buy 150 Bauble designs for your projects V61 gallery


Buy 160 Wonderful Festive shapes V45 gallery


Buy 660 Xmas shapes V25 gallery


Buy 140 Xmas shapes V63 gallery


Buy 160 Stunning festive designs for all your projects V75 gallery


The Christmas / Xmas Illustrator symbols are for use on the pc and mac. The sets included many different artworks such as candles + baubles + decorations + holly + crackers + trees + ornaments and many others.


Free samplers for use in you projects from


The Illustrator Christmas symbols are all supplied in AI format. The Xmas artworks are all for commercial and personal use, all are royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle. You can use them to create scrapbooking designs, festive cards, wrapping paper, textiles, fabrics, packaging, advertising and much more. All the Christmas Illustrator symbols are for any size of work so they can be used to create super large designs as well as small icon designs as well as artworks in between. The Christmas Illustrator symbols can be combined in millions of ways either by editing the source material and combining them or you can simply add them together by using masks and opacity and blending modes or if you wish, you can always expand the designs and then use the pathfinder tools to combine the festive ornament designs. They can also be used as normal paths by using the expand command found in the object menu. You can quickly convert them to swatches and brushes. as well as other presets. You can save the Christmas Illustrator symbols to the CC library and then use the artwork in other applications such as Indesign and After Effects and Premiere. You can access the artwork files via the Illustrator symbols libraries command in the window menu and once loaded, you can select the required festive designs to add them to the current artboards. You can also select the designs and then use them with the symbol sprayer tool to fill the artboard with the colorful designs. You can then manipulate the Christmas Illustrator symbols instances with tools such as the sizer and stainer. You can also convert the static designs into new dynamic designs and then the festive art can be quickly re-colored in seconds using the direct selection tool. On purchase of the Christmas / Xmas symbols for Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 etc you receive the artworks in AI format along with notes and gallery and serial. If you need to find out more about the vector designs please check out the tutorials link at the top of the page and see all the tutorials about the vector artworks. You can also find a whole lot more via the graphicxtras channel on where you can find out how to load the artworks, how to re-color them, how to use them with styles and much more.


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