How to add 3D paint texture in Painter tutorial

How to create 3D Paint grain / texture to images in Corel Painter 2018 2017 2016 2015 X3 X2 etc.

3D Paint texture in Painter

3d paint texture grain how to add to images tutorial
  1. Open image to have 3D paint texture applied

  2. New document for paper grain source (perhaps half size of main document)

  3. Select a paint tool or oval shape in Painter toolbar

  4. Set color to black and greys and add designs to paper source file (avoid seams)

  5. Select all

  6. Window menu and library palettes and show papers

  7. Paper palette and right side menu and capture paper

  8. Go to the main image

  9. Effects and estorica and custom tile (set threshold high - you want the image to still be seen).

  10. Set blur radius 4 / 2 and thickness to be high also and set the use grout to OFF

  11. Set the custom tile to using 'Paper'

  12. Set the scale of the paper grain via the paper palette as well as contrast and brightness

  13. Click OK

  14. Repeat custom tile but change the size of the paper grain and contrast via the paper palette (don't make the paper scale too high, works best with smaller to medium size compared with the image). You can also just use a different paper grain (select via paper grains palette)

  15. Click OK

  16. Repeat custom tile if you wish

  17. Effects menu and surface control and apply surface texture

  18. Using image luminance and set some softness and position light as required

  19. Set amount highand picture high

  20. Click OK


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