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Date updated: May 2nd, 2023

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paper grains for Painter

Image gallery: 1350 Paper Grains collection for Corel Painter 12-5

1350 Paper grain includes distress grains, rough grains, geometric grains, hi-tech designs, weird grain and texture designs and more. License commercial use, all the grains are all by, all royalty-free -- all the paper grains / textures are by (Andrew Buckle). They are grayscale textures. You can use the powerful grain designs in many different ways to create items for sale, backgrounds, patterns, illustrations, skateboards, adverts, video designs, papers, cards and much more. Many wonderful designs. Use in countless ways throughout Corel Painter 12 (latest version), 11, 10, IX. 9 8 7 6 5 PC and MAC OS X. Use the grain designs via Painter in many ways such as applied surface effect, glass distortions, brush strokes, add depth to any image, export and more. Please note, please buy the correct version of the paper grains collection for your system - there is a version for the PC and the MAC. Corel and Painter are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation.

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painter nozzles

Image gallery: 1200 Nozzles collection for Corel Painter 12 - 5

1200 colorful and mixed nozzles includes jewel nozzles, brushes, scatters, nozzles, drawn nozzles, color nozzles, basic nozzles, bubble nozzles, strand nozzles and more. All the nozzles are License commercial use (as well as personal use), all the nozzles for Painter are by (Andrew Buckle). Painter and Corel are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation. 300 DPI. RIFF format. PC and MAC OS X. The nozzles are for Corel Painter 12, 11, X, 9, 8, 7 6 and others. Many amazing different nozzle designs for use throughout the application. If you have any questions about the nozzles, please contact us. The nozzles are all applied via the image hose tool. You can also use the designs as a source for new Painter brushes. Corel and Painter is registered trademarks of Corel Corporation.

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Image gallery: 1000 Colorful Tiles / Patterns for Corel Painter 12-5

1000 Colorful tiles for Corel Painter™ includes geometric, super colorful and more. 300 DPI. All the tiles are for use with Painter 12, 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 PC and MAC OS X - commercial use, all royalty-free, all can be used to create items for sale. The Painter tiles can be used throughout the application in a vast number of ways such as with the filters as well as the strokes. The tiles are a wonderful source for amazing designs throughout the application. Corel and Painter are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation.

Nozzles / pattern sets - each

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painter nozzles image hose painter designs for Painter


patterns patterns patterns

Painter Grains

Grains keynotes

Grains are for Corel Painter™. Grains are paper grains. Grains are stored in native Painter grain PAP files. All are All commercial use, create items for sale. All designs are by No particular install folder required. Access the grains via Painter toolbox (bottom). Use paper selector. Load via the open library command / select PAP. Use grains in brush strokes. Seamless. Use grains in paper settings of many effects. Use in distortions, surface apply, etc. Re-scale / contrast grain settings as required. Use as a source for new grain designs. Screenshots with kind permission of Corel Corporation. Grains Sampler PC only


Load PAP library and access paper grain designs tutorial

Once you have the grains palette open, go to the load library menu on the palette and load the PAP library (there are many different PAP libraries as it would be impossible to include all the grains in a single file). The grains can be scaled, the contrast changed via the grains sliders. Painter grain palette example


paper grains for Painter

Painter and Paper Grains / Brush grains

The grains can then be applied in a variety of ways in Painter: Painter brushes for one (Volume to paper method) as well as most of the effects (a dropdown can be set to original luminance, paper - the one you want is the paper method) in apply surface effect, express effect and more

Glass distortions and Painter grains

The grains can also be used in many other areas by using the selection / paper grains option to select an area and then apply effects such as lighting using the grain. My favorite for the paper grains PAP files is the glass distortions and you can use the grains in 1000s of ways in glass filter (as well as effect layer) All the grains are seamless, all the grains can be used as a source for other grains and tile effects. The grains are all commercial use, create items for sale, use to create distress and grunge effects in countless different projects

Surface effect

The grains can be blurred, the grains can be applied as surface effects (great designs can be created just by changing the color of the lights and the angle of the lights in the apply surface effect dialog). The grains can also be used in effects, the grains can also be used combined with other effects and more. Literally a stunning toolkit of designs and effects for Painter.

Grains format

The Painter grains were created a while ago so now the grains DPI might not be the greatest for all kinds of design work if you require a large DPI (say documents 4000 x 4000) You can scale the grains and smooth to a great degree and still create truly wow image and grains and blurry glass distortions with all the powerful grain files. Any questions about the paper grains, please contact support at

Grains and Glass / distortion

Grains are great for glass and metallic effects. Use in the glass distortion effect (found in effects > focus category). Modify the softness, variance, direction, and glass mode. Fade / re-apply and more. All the Painter grains supplied from can be used with the glass distortion effect.

Paper grains and multi-dimensions

Grains are useful to export to Studio max, Carrara for bump maps

Tiles and grains

Use the grains as a source for tile 'original luminance' option in distortion / surface methods in Painter. Use as a source for mosaics or brush strokes or clone sources. Or use the grain via tiles as a source for clone color or for impasto brush effects. The grains can also be easily added to the tiles libraries. Just create a file to the original proportions of the grain and then use the express effect or other command and apply and save the grain or use the define tile in the tile palette.

Grains and apply screen command

'Apply Screen' uses the paper grain in Painter (and grainy pap files) to excellent effect. Use to create superb screened effects. Modify the various thresholds and color settings to create a wide range of weird and wonderful flat color screens (great for web design) or blur or use the depth of field filter afterwards. The 'apply screen' can be used to create a variety of different different screens, even by simply modifying the scaling or contrast of the screen/grain

New grains

Use the paper grains as a source for a totally new grain, save the new grain to your paper library for a near infinite range of grain designs

PAP library / paper grains for Painter™

All the grains in this collection are stored in native PAP file format. You can use the paper mover to move the grains from PAP library to another. Definitely recommend making a backup of key PAP libraries.

Express effect command

Use grains in express effect command to create stunning black and white imagery. After apply surface and express effect, use a blur and even use the excellent (if not slightly slower) depth of field filter applied to the Use a color fill to add some color or the color effects. The grains can be used for superb black and white imagery in 'express'.

Distress command

Use the paper grains in the Painter distress. 'Distress' effect uses the grain and offers a wide selection of edge, edge amount, smoothing, variance and threshold settings to create stunning grain infused image effects. Superb for stunning black and white images and screened effects.

Grains and color command

'Color' effect uses the paper grains from Graphicxtras as well. Use the dye concentrations or hiding power settings to create different colored grain effects on any surface or image.

Custom tile command and grains

'Custom tile' effect uses the grainy grains to create weird and wonderful grains. Use the blur commands and different color combinations to create unusual tile effects. By using different threshold settings, such as the min. (to use mainly the tile grain) or the max (creating a combination of tile grain and image). Even by using different thickness (of grout) settings, many wonderful color grained effects can be created.

Adjust dye command and grains

'Adjust dye concentration' effect uses the grain with different max and min. threshold settings to add interesting color effects. Again, the effect also comes into its own when combining different effects such as blurring the result and then reapplying the dye concentrations with different papers or different scaling of the same paper.

Floaters and grains

Grains can also be used in a number of the floaters such as glass distortion or the burn effect. Use the grains in the burn dynamic floater to create unusual torn / burnt edges. Use grains via clone and clone source in dynamic floater 'liquid metal' (as well as glass distortion floater to layers and text..)

Applied surface grain command and Painter grains

Effects > 'Applied Surface' Subtle shifts or different color combos and shine settings can be used to create a wide variety of weird paths, wobbly, blobbed, metallic -- 1000s of different wonderful color bump surfaces.

Pop art command and Paper Grains

The grains can be used in the pop art fills by saving the grain as a tile and then using the original luminance settings

Brushes and grains

Or select a grain brush or use the grain in impasto or use in watercolors or with digital color. Use the grains in combo with brush strokes. Most of the brushes (and even nozzles can use the grain information via a selection or grain/layer) use the grain information depending on the method and sub category such as using a grainy flat cover or grainy edge or using the grain information in various effect methods such as the 'add grain' brush. Use the grain as a source for a Painter™ captured brush. Export grain and then select and use the captured brush command.

Motion blur command and grains

The motion blur and soften and super soften cannot use the grain information but again, simply use the selection commands and then apply a smooth or blur.

Shape layer / grains for Painter

Use the grain created selection and 'convert to shape' to create a grain shape. The vector shape then can be transformed and distorted or used as a floater (convert to a floater). Apply brush strokes to shape/floater or effects or use the shape/floater as a color effect. Export the shape layer to AI format and others

Edge effects and grains for Painter

Create wonderful edges using paper grains in Painter, apply the Painter grain to a rectangular block of white on black or vica versa. The grains can be used with many of the commands to create different grain effects such as using the glass distortion or apply surface effect command

Installation of grains

Please place the grain files PAP format in a sub folder of Painter™. Access the Painter paper grains files via the paper grain palette and use the load library command to load the PAP file. The current PAP designs are removed and the new paper files are added. Little thumbnails of the grains will be displayed in the palette

Auto Painting / grains

Use the grains in auto painting using the apply method / sub category as 'grainy' or use a grain effect (or auto clone as earlier!)

Painter™ Essentials 4 3 and Grains

Paper grains will NOT work with Painter essentials. They are a totally different format


nozzles for Painter image hose nozzles for Painter image hose nozzles for Painter image hose


Painter Nozzles / Image Hose

Nozzles keynotes

Nozzles are for Corel Painter ™. Nozzles are colorful brush dabs. Use in the Painter Image Hose. All are Generally 300 DPI, mixed sizes. Apply in 1000s of ways. Scale, spacing can be modified. use as a source for other brush designs. No particular install folder. Access the nozzles via Painter toolbox. Use nozzle selector / load nozzle command. All commercial use, create items for sale. by

Nozzles Sampler for Painter PC only

Image hose tool for Painter

The Painter nozzles are easy to use, easy to change and apply in 1000s and 1000s of ways. All the nozzles are sprayed or painted using the image hose tool. The image hose tool is accessed via the paint brushes (instead of charcoal or pen or pencil) The image hose tool comes with countless options and combinations of pressure, angle, scaling, rotation, color. Use to create stunning designs. The set includes many different nozzles types such as jewels, paint effects, rings designs, burst nozzles and more. Use the designs for commercial as well as personal use. All, all can be used without any credit. All the nozzles are by

RIFF format / Painter nozzles - loading of

All the nozzles are stored in native RIFF format, simply open via the load nozzles command in the Painter toolbox. All the nozzles are by for use in painting, as part of logos, leaflets, books, artworks and much more. Many varied colorful nozzles are included in the set

Auto clone and Painter nozzles

Automatic nozzles placement for great tile and grains

Nozzles / Blobs

Use Painter nozzles as a source for blobs (select the nozzle and copy into the pasteboard and use as a blob source). The blobs tool is great for truly weird and wonderful blobby and gooey designs in Painter

Capture and nozzles

Capture nozzle/brush to create new brush dab, use the capture brush feature and then apply a variety of different settings to create a new unique brush stroke

Nozzles stream

Apply nozzles as a continuous stream of paint using the spacing setting for the nozzle

Splatters and Painter nozzles

Use paint designs as brush dab splatters, use the jitter feature to spread the nozzles

Effects - combining with nozzles

Combine nozzles and effects, apply a nozzle brush stroke, apply effect such as blur, apply more nozzles and interleave the effects and nozzles, great way of adding unusual depth to artworks

Blending modes

Use the designs on layers and apply with different blending modes and effects and more. The nozzles can either be applied with a blending mode or used on a Painter layer with a different blending mode from the normal

Colorful nozzles

Superb colorful paint brush effects for the 'Painter™' Image Hose. All the nozzles are super colorful. By editing the source nozzles file, the nozzle can be turned from a red nozzle to a blue nozzle or de-saturate the nozzle or apply effects such as blurs to the source nozzle and save as a new nozzle file. On re-loading via the nozzles menu, you will be asked to supple hose information

Warping and nozzles

Use a nozzle/image floater and warp command to create wonderful distortions. Save the nozzle using the drop and select (perhaps with some tweaking to improve the alpha channel) and save as a RIFF and reload as nozzle for a warped nozzle effect.

Layered nozzles for Painter

Paint nozzles (varying the scaling) on top of nozzles and re-save the nozzles in Painter™

Text fills / nozzles

The paint tools and nozzles are great for filling text in seconds.

Nozzles and Grains and tiles

Nozzles can be excellent sources for grains and tiles. Either use the single Painter nozzle dab or apply multiple dabs (using the define as a tile feature) and create a new tile using the nozzle. Save the tile in the tiles palette (or grains palette)

Clone / Nozzles

Nozzles can, via tiles, be used as an excellent clone source and a source for numerous effects such as glass distortions.

Looks/ Nozzles

Looks / nozzles are great combinations for superb hi-impact repeatable creative effects. Access via the looks palette in Painter

Nozzles and Straight paths

Use the straight brush option with the image hose to create quick and easy and hi-impact edges


To create a quick nozzle edge

1) Select brush tool

2) Select image hose / category

3) Select a Painter nozzle from the Painter toolbox

4) Select the straight option from the top bar (brush options) instead of just freehand mode

5) Click top left of image and then click the bottom left

6) Repeat all around document


Current painter nozzle is added to the document as a basic edge.

Nozzles as a floater

Open the nozzle file and drag into the floater palette and use as a floater

Adjust color and nozzles

Paint a few nozzles, adjust color, paint more nozzles, creating a colorful artwork.


Open a nozzle, apply a grain or image luminance, save, and use the paper-tinged nozzle as a new brush strokes

Nozzles Spacing

Use different spacing settings to create a tube of paint or a splatter spray of nozzles.


Use the capture dab and capture a nozzle and use for charcoal or oil. Save the brush dab and save the brush variant, modify the XML code to create stunning new nozzle brushes

Photo-Paint sprays / nozzles

The nozzles can be read in Corel Photo-Paint ™ and via TIFF in others

Add to nozzle library

To add a nozzle to a nozzle library 1) Open nozzle RIFF file 2) Go to brushes menu 3) Select nozzle menu 4) Add to nozzle library 5) Use the nozzle mover feature to move to other libraries The nozzles in this set are not stored in nozzle libraries.

Nozzles scaling

Create splatters and spray nozzle paint effects via nozzles scaling


You can also create your own variant hose brushes to add to the brush palette.

Variants / expression

Hose variants also can be developed (even using a mouse instead of a pen) using information from expression palette.

Record nozzle brush strokes

You can also record nozzle brush strokes to create extreme nozzle brush strokes, use the playback feature for the nozzle brush to re-apply multiple 'similar' brush strokes. You can also use the pre-built brush strokes such as scribble or hatch or your own recorded nozzle brush strokes.


Apply nozzles as sprays. Many of the nozzles settings can spray multiple images in a single paint stroke.

Opacity and painter nozzles

Lower the opacity of the nozzle and apply to create a blurry nozzles brush stroke

Grain / nozzle brush palette

Lower the grain setting in the general brush strokes palette to change the nozzle into a brush dab using the current foreground color. If the current foreground is blue, the nozzle will be a blue stamp. Sadly, the clone source option doesn't seem to work and the dab (after selecting a clone source and the clone option in the color palette) still displays in the original color

Auto painting

Superseding the auto clone, the auto painting palette is wonderful combined with nozzles. Select a nozzle, select the under painting palette and select a brush stroke such as 'medium dab' and set the randomness and size and then apply to create unusual grains, artworks

Nozzles installation

Nozzles can be installed in any folder, there is no 'nozzles' addons folder (for some strange reason). Access via the nozzles palette / nozzles menu. The nozzles can also be opened via the open command and modified and re-saved as a new nozzle. Nozzles are stored in native RIFF format. For Painter™ X, the nozzles can be added to the Painter Nozzles folder found in the 'resources' folder. The exact location is not necessary as the load nozzles command can be re-pointed to another location but this is a location defined by Painter.

Painter tiles

Tiles are for Corel Painter™. Colorful seamless designs. Stored in native Painter PTL files. All are All commercial use, create items for sale. All designs are by No particular install folder required. Access the tiles via Painter toolbox (bottom). Use tiles selector. Load via the open library command / select PTL. Use tiles in brush strokes. Use tiles in 'original luminance' settings. Use in distortions, surface grains, etc. Re-scale / contrast settings as required. Use as a source for new tiles designs. Use the tiles with the various cloning features of Painter.


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