ABR Photoshop brushes format tutorial

ABR format and specification for Photoshop brushes

ABR Photoshop brushes format and information about the ABR tools and specification. Photoshop brushes are in ABR format.


The brushes for Photoshop and PS Elements are in ABR format. The format has been around for a while but the format often changes and new features are added to the specification


If you save the strokes in CC 2014 and then try and use that in an earlier version such as version 6, it will probably be rejected.


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PNG : shieldsMany of our sets on graphicxtras also include the tips in PNG as well as the native format to avoid any potential issues with applications as many applications support PNG and then from there save those designs as a native format stroke.


ABRMate : You can find a conversion tool called ABRMate, you may find it useful but I can give no recommendations as I have not used it. If you want to convert, browse etc for those strokes then it might be a very useful tool to add to your collection of software applications


There used to be a document giving the details of the brushes format and if you search for 'Photoshop brushes specification' then you might find a PDF or html document relating to this. It is quite likely that any specification is fairly old now and the latest specification is very different. The format is a propriety format and is probably regularly updated by Adobe Software Incorporated.


Adobe specifications : A cursory look into the specification suggests the strokes are a resource of 8BIM. Most of the information is in binary and at the end of the file there are some details about the names of the presets along with details about using the color dynamics, dual, use pose, use tip dynamics, size etc. Certain people with more understanding of this will be able to make much more of the format. You may find the https://www.adobe.com/devnet-apps/photoshop/fileformatashtml/ of use as it contains a number of file format details relating to PS


Tumasoft preset viewer : You can find a useful browser via http://sourceforge.net/projects/abrviewer/files/ as well as Tumasoft's preset browser and abrmate Not certain if they work with the current OSes or how effective they are with all formats of the PS format


Postworkshop Pro / Photodonut : PS and PS Elements are not the only applications that support the PS format as you can load them via Postworkshop Pro (now called Photodonut) as well as GIMP and PSP. The application's support of the format does depend on the version and some will just display an error message or will show no evidence of any strokes added. The latest format can be read in Affinity Photo.


CC 2018 update : arrowWith the CC 2018 release, there is now an export feature that allows the quick export with all the selected strokes and that file can be accessed in many different applications


The format is totally cross platform and can be used across platforms: PC or MAC OS X.


So yes, you can use the wonderful strokes on your PC as well as your mac.


Simply copy the files on other machines that you own (but please check the license details on that)


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