How to use color channels with Photoshop brushes tutorial

How to use Color Channels and Photoshop brushes tutorial for CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Channels and Photoshop brushes

how to use color channels with Photoshop brushes tutorial
  1. Window menu in Photoshop

  2. Channel command

  3. Go to the channel panel in Photoshop

  4. Select a brush

  5. Go to the red channel

  6. Apply brush stroke to red channel etc


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Panel entries : entriesYou can use the color channels to create all kinds of super interesting color effects with the Photoshop brushes.


You can also combine the strokes with effects in each of the red channel, green etc as well. In some cases you cannot add an effect (not all of them work in red and green etc but require to be used in RGB).


By using the Photoshop brushes in the red color channel and then the green etc you can create all kinds of unusual color effects even with a single stroke by adding the artworks to different parts of the image in the red and the green etc (as well as using different sizes etc)


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Split : split commandYou can also use the split command which can be found in the right side menu and you can use the strokes then in separate files that are created. You can use the color channels with the Photoshop brushes to create all kinds of unique designs in seconds by using the split command.


Say you are using RGB then you can go to the split command and then you will see a new red file as well as a green file and a blue but at first they are in grayscale (that is the default) but then you can change that quickly back to RGB and use the strokes with the red file in RGB.


Now select a preset tip from the panel and then apply that to the current selected entry - when you combine the files back again then the strokes added to that file will appear only for the red or green etc and not in the blue (for example)


Another great thing about separating the reds and greens etc and using them as files is that you can now tweak them in 1000s of ways using effects and adjustments and adding layers etc to create a far more complex colorful design from the strokes. The only complication is that there is no 'preview' feature so you cannot see the end result of the combination before you actually go and do it. See the merge below for the combination technique


Merge : mergedTo return the designs with the strokes back to a merged RGB (the color channels with the Photoshop brushes), go to the panel and then right side menu and select the merge and then merge all the files back into a RGB file. You can then continue to add strokes as before.


The merge will only appear if it sees the files as grayscale, if you try the merge with the RGB file it will be disabled. Set all the files back to grayscale and then use the functionality. You will see a list of the entries and the associated files - if you are happy with those then click OK and everything will be back to normal and you will have a single file again.


You can still continue as before and add the presets to the red or green and blue entry by selecting that in the panel.


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