How to use history brush tool in Photoshop tutorial

How to use the history brush tool in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5. The tool allows you to apply effects etc to an image in only a particular portion of an image (instead of the entire image)

Use history brush tool in Photoshop

how to use history brush tool in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Open document in Photoshop

  2. Apply effects or brushes or gradients etc to an image

  3. Display history panel (via window panel)

  4. Go to an entry in the panel and you will see the current state such as 'open' 'apply effect' etc

  5. Click on the far left of the entry state (you will see a litte brush icon appear)

  6. Go to the history brush tool in toolbar

  7. Set the size for the tool as well as blending mode to be applied

  8. Apply the tool to the region you want to restore to the selected state. You can use part of the image or all of the image with the tool

Things you cannot do with the tool ? Well, there are some commands that will cause an issue such as cropped images and image size changes as well as some rotation (actually most rotation).


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Things you can do with the tool ? Well, you can create tons and tons of effects and then select the last entry state (far left side) and then just go back to an earlier state (without clicking the far left side as that would then select that state). You can then apply the tool with the current size and blending mode and opacity etc and you will notice those strokes added to the panel. You can then repeat the same with a different state selected such as perhaps one of the strokes. This is a great way to add blurs and plugin effects as well as adjustments to one area of the image at any point of the process. It does not matter if you continue to work on other effects etc, the state is still remembered and you can always just repeat the application of the stroke using the tool at any point.


You can set the state to your current work or perhaps to a previously recorded snapshot.


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