How to create shapes from brushes in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create / make shapes in Photoshop by using brushes tutorial in CC 2018 - CS5etc

Create shapes using brushes in Photoshop

create shapes from photoshop brushes tutorial how to
  1. Open new image with white background

  2. Goto the toolbar and select the Photoshop brush tool

  3. Select a Photoshop brush in the brushes presets

  4. Set the color to black via the Photoshop toolbar

  5. Apply single Photoshop brush dab or multiple dabs as required (perhaps apply as a brush stroke)

  6. Select white background with magic wand tool

  7. Select menu and inverse

  8. Window menu and paths panel

  9. Right side menu

  10. Make work path

  11. Set tolerance

  12. Edit menu

  13. Define custom shape

  14. Current custom shapes can now be saved via the custom shapes panel as CSH format file


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can create many unique vector artworks from the strokes available on the site. You can use them once but you can also apply the artwork multiple times in different locations and build up all kinds of images which can then be converted using the above work path approach.


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The best conversion from strokes to sharp vectors will be artwork that is fairly hard and sharp with little blurriness. You can then use the paths panel to make a work path for use in converting into a native format vector design.


Many of the sets (on graphicxtras) contain ABR files and PNG files with a single design. Open the PNG file and use the previous method to create a quick vector from that by using the same approach as above. It should be noted that converting a complex stroke with lots of fine detail will not result in a perfect vector design.


Use Illustrator : tracingAnother approach would be to apply the presets in PS and then select that and copy and then go to Illustrator and paste into Illustrator. You can then use the image / live trace feature to vectorize the work. You can then clean the generated vector artwork and remove any white or extra points by using the smooth tool or the remove points tool from Astute and then select those paths and copy them and paste back into PS.


A dialog pops up asking whether you want the artworks as a smart object, pixels etc - click the layer option and then select the points (if added as a vector) and use the define command to capture the design


Using layers : You can also create a new layer and then go to the paint tools and add the presets with the foreground set to black to the new layer. Apply blobs or other presets and then go to the select menu and use the load selection and select the layer 1 transparency (or whatever the layer name is) and you will then see the artwork has been selected. If the strokes are all just black then you can quickly go to the path panel and the right side menu and set the work path create command and set the tolerance as required (and it does not need to be the default as the results can sometimes not be as expected) and click OK and then go to the edit menu and use the define command to add the artwork to the CSH presets panel. You can then use the created artwork in all your projects as a vector design (or as a path or fill pixels option)


The results of these approaches can be varied. The Illustrator approach is probably the best for the cleanest paths but the selections etc can be used to create rougher (and perhaps more crude) artworks which look less like the super clean vectors that we are generally used to in PS


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