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How to paint with a pattern in Photoshop tutorial

How to paint with a pattern in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc, use the pattern stamp tool.

Paint with pattern in Photoshop

paint with patterns in photoshop how to
  1. Open a document with a pattern

  2. Re-size depending on the size required for pattern stamp with image

  3. Edit menu and define pattern in Photoshop

  4. Open actual image to paint pattern on

  5. Go to the pattern stamp tool in Photoshop toolbox (sub of clone tool)

  6. Select brush preset / tip as well as size of brush and blending mode darken

  7. Select pattern defined earlier

  8. Paint with pattern over an image

Why create a pattern for the pattern and set size ? Well, there is no scaling feature for the painting with a pattern so it is best to define the pattern beforehand (perhaps multiple copies of the patterns at different sizes to paint with). Great for adding a quick watermark or perhaps a controlled tattoo to a face etc


1. Swirl patterns


how to paint with patterns photoshop multiply tattoo tutorial


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