How to paint with a pattern in Photoshop tutorial

paint with patterns in photoshop how toHow to paint with a pattern in Photoshop CC 2018 - CS5 etc, use the stamp tool.

  1. Open a document with a pattern

  2. Re-size depending on the size required for pattern stamp with image

  3. Edit menu and define pattern in Photoshop

  4. Open actual image to paint pattern on

  5. Go to the pattern stamp tool in Photoshop toolbox (sub of clone tool)

  6. Select brush preset / tip as well as size of brush and blending mode darken

  7. Select pattern defined earlier

  8. Paint with pattern over an image

Video tutorial on the paint with patterns subject by (youtube)


There is no scaling feature with the stamp tool so you cannot scale the design that you use. You can modify the size of the stroke itself but not the underlying preset. So if you add your work this way and it can be great for adding a colorful watermark or adding a tattoo etc. You can always set up multiple sized images for use as the source for the stamp tile.


Another super useful feature of using the stamp is that there is an impressionist feature though it does not offer anything in the way of controlling the impressionism effect but as the strokes themselves can use any number of preset tips as well as a whole range of different settings such as scattering, dual, textures, shape dynamics, color dynamics etc then the impressionist feature really comes to life.


For example, create a quick doodle and then define that as a brush via the edit menu and define brush command. Once you have your stroke, go to the stamp tool and then select any tile preset (the one on the right is using a fleur-de-lis embellishment tile from graphicxtras but it could be any of the supplied tiles as well). Select the size (works best with a decent size) and impressionist setting to ON. Go to the settings panel and set the hue jitter to high and saturation jitter to high and set a dual brush (in this case I have used a Kyle stroke). Set the texture on and use the same preset as used with the stamp. Goto the shape dynamics and set the angle jitter to the max and the size jitter to the max. You can then use that to paint all kinds of very abstract painted surfaces and it can be amazingly effective with all kinds of colorful images used as a preset.


If you want to create a very quick impressionistic painting from an image, simply go to the edit menu and define that as a tile. Once you have added that as a preset, go to a new document (of the same size) and select the stamp tool and set the size of the stroke to a smallish size (if it is too big relative to the document then the image will be lost and the image will be more abstract) and then set the align and impressionist to on and set the color dynamics to off unless you want to add some color variation to the image. You can set the angle jitter to high via the space dynamics. If you sent scattering too high then the image will also be lost. Apply the stroke across the new document and the stamp will clone the original image but apply it in a more impressionist style.




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