Line custom shapes

Line custom shapes are for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements. They are all for pc and mac.

Line shapes

CSH format, download


Buy Price :$6.49 US Dollars 100 Line shapes (V29) Line custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements


The line shapes include wavy and curby line shapes, zigzag line shapes, straight line shapes, parallel stripe designs, letter themed artworks, thick and thin designs, different spacing of line shapes and more. The Photoshop line custom shapes are for commercial use and personal use, all royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle. You can use the artworks to create items for sale such as posters + collages + notebooks + calendars + frames + borders + textures + brushes + adverts + textiles + videos + web pages + fashions and much more. The artworks are all supplied in standard format CSH and can be accessed quickly via the preset manager as well as the preset panel in Photoshop and elements. You can then use the designs via the custom shapes tool found in the toolbar as well as via the cookie cutter tool found in the toolbar in Elements as well as via the shape blur filter in Photoshop to create the most amazing linear themed blurry art in seconds. The artworks can be selected and then applied either as a layer or path or fill. You can apply the Photoshop line custom shapes once or multiple times. You can apply the artworks in many different colors such as gradients and patterns as well as solid colors. On purchase of the set, you receive the artworks in CSH along with notes and gallery and serial.



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