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How to use blending modes with Photoshop gradients tutorial

How to blend Photoshop gradients multiple times using blending modes tutorial to create unique colorful designs. You can apply the gradients with difference blending modes and darken etc in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc

Blending modes and Photoshop gradients

photoshop gradients and blending modes tutorial how to use
  1. Select the gradient tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. Select a gradient to use with blending modes via preset picker

  3. Goto to the blending modes and select difference or darken

  4. Apply the gradient using current blending mode

  5. Apply the gradient again and the blending mode will blend the pixels with the original appy

How to combine them using blending modes in Photoshop

per set GRD format download


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You can combine the gradients in millions of different ways creating extreme color designs as well as subtle color effects depending on the blending modes applied. You can also then extended the color designs by using various Photoshop effects. You can then continue to combine multiple presets with that.


You can see the use of the 'darken' blending mode to create intense line / shadowy structure

Combining them using fill content using blending modes

photoshop gradients layers blending modes tutorial

You do not need to use the toolbar at all, you can also use the layer menu and the new fill layer and gradient option and blend those

  1. Layer menu

  2. New fill layer

  3. Gradient

  4. Click OK after giving layer a name

  5. Set gradient, style etc and OK

  6. Repeat above to create another layer, however, shift the origin or change the gradient

  7. Goto the layers panel

  8. Set the blending mode to difference for the top gradient layer


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