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Photoshop gradients and blending with blending modes

 transparency and Photoshop gradients and blending multiple times

How to combine Photoshop gradients multiple times using blending modes tutorial. You can apply the Photoshop gradients to multiple layers and then combine them with different blending modes. You can combine two or more presets in 100s of different ways by using the layers with different blending mode combinations. Set the layer blending mode for the Photoshop gradient layer via the layer panel. You can also use fill layers and the presets and blend those to combine many times.

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How to combine them using blending modes in Photoshop

blendsYou can combine them in millions of different ways creating extreme color designs as well as subtle color effects depending on the blending modes applied. You can also then extended the color designs by using various Photoshop effects. You can then continue to combine multiple presets with that.


You can see the use of the 'darken' blending mode to create intense line / shadowy structure


Combine them multiple times using transparency

Photoshop gradients transparency multiple times blendingIf the Photoshop gradients contain transparency then you can combine the Photoshop gradients multiple times without resorting to blending modes or layer blending modes and you can then lay them out in numerous ways to create frames, linear effects, radial, button effects and much more.


To the right you can see a textured blurry design created using multiple gradient applications without blending modes as transparency was included in the gradient (it was one of the default Photoshop gradients with a subtle change of setting the opacity to 0% for the far end stop.


How to combine them using channels

channels photoshop gradients multiple blendsYou can use color channels to create some unique colorful blends with Photoshop gradients multiple times.


Select the red channel and then add a GRD color effect. Select a different channel in the channel panel and then add a different preset GRD and then go to the blue channel and select a different GRD color.


You can also use the same selected Photoshop gradient preset and perhaps use different origin points and types and lengths (if available to that type). You can then put the channel back to RGB or CMYK. Left, RGB was used as the basis for the image and in each channel a different preset was used with different lengths and origin points.


Combining them using fill content

fill content and multiple blending mode layers in Photoshop gradientsYou do not need to use the toolbar at all, you can also add the presets using the layer menu and the new fill content. You can create multiple layers with fill content and again you can set the blending mode to difference and darken etc to blend the fill content in different ways.


As the layers panel is live until you flatten the layers, all kinds of combinations of gradients can be made as well as multiple layers and blending modes used to create those designs.


I have to say that some designs will just not work or the result is fairly coarse and it is probably best to use the technique with 32bit imagery instead though when you switch to 32bit channels mode you will find some blending modes are no longer available.


All kinds of weird Photoshop gradients and backgrounds can be created


How to use with layer styles

You can also blend multiple different presets by using the new gradient overlays feature in CC 2017 / 2015 where you can add more than one overlay / layer effect to any layer.


You can select a layer and go to the layer menu and styles and then add an overlay and then click the '+' to add another and another and change the preset or perhaps change the origin position and length and change the blending modes (if no transaprency present)


You can combine the multiple Photoshop gradients using the toolbar and the result can then be manipulated using adjustment layers such as black and white adjustment

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