How to create contours using Photoshop gradients tutorial

Contours and how to create them using Photoshop gradients tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 etc

Create contours using Photoshop gradients

how to create contours using Photoshop gradients tutorial
  1. Custom shape tool or ellipse etc to create a shape to support the contour gradient

  2. Shape option and apply shape design as a layer

  3. Layer menu and Layer style

  4. and select Outer glow style

  5. Click the gradient option button if it is not already selected and set the blend mode to normal and opacity 100% and technique precise and spread 0 and size 250

  6. Select a gradient with multiple stops (not just one or two) for the contour in Photoshop

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)



Multiple stops via editor : stopsYou can use multiple stops to create the inset / offset effect


Once you are in the layer styles panel and the outer glow. You will see a preset picker / dropdown


Click that to display the editor for the presets so you can see the stops that make up the colors of the design.


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Add stops : addGo to the bar in the center of the panel and click the bottom of the editor bar to add a stop


Change the color via the color setting on that panel.


Click in different positions along the editor bar to add more stops to the line. If you want a more even effect then go to the editor bar and click at 0% and 10% and 20% etc and set the color from green to black and green to black and so on alternating the colors. You can make any number of variations by simply setting the positions to 0% 5% 10% 20% 50% etc as well as changing the color alternating, perhaps use two blacks to one color combinations etc (up to you). Click the new button to save it to the panel


Outer glow : rangeOnce you have that inset / offset set of stops, you can then either click OK to add the result to the outer glow panel as well as click the new button to add it to the current presets in the editor panel. The result works best when you manipulate the range setting found in the outer glow panel at the bottom and also using precise for the elements technique


You can apply this preset then to the selected shape.


It should be noted that you don't have to perform the above in the outer glow panel, the generation of the stops can be done while selecting the styles overlay, fill content etc as well


Smart objects : smartIf you have the design as a layer, you can save the artwork to your current CC library. You can also turn the artwork into a smart object via the layers menu and smart object and convert and then you can also add effects such as camera raw filter as well as color adjustments to modify the designs in millions of ways. You can also transform the design in many ways such as warping it or scaling or rotating it.


The design on the right uses multiple stops of brown and flesh and added to a black star burst artwork. The design was then converted into a smart object via the layer menu. The artwork was then copied multiple times via move tool and alt / option key and then re-positioned and re-sized


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