How to use image modes and Photoshop gradients tutorial

How to use Photoshop image modes with gradients tutorial. This is for CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 etc such as RGB and CMYK and LAB with the presets

Image modes and Photoshop gradients

how to use image color modes and Photoshop gradients tutorial
  1. Image menu

  2. Mode

  3. CMYK color mode

  4. Go to the gradient tool in the Photoshop toolbar

  5. Select a gradient from a dropdown

  6. Apply the preset

  7. Goto the blending dropdown and set to difference etc

  8. Apply another preset

Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)

Basics : convertThe Photoshop gradients work in most of the different image modes but the results of the preset will vary depending on CMYK / LAB etc. You can also use the different bit depths as well such as 16bit and 32bit per channel with the presets with many of the modes. The results can exceptional.


An added advantage is that upon converting back to RGB you are offered the HDR toning panel and the colors can be tweaked even further by using edge glows as well as tone and detail and modifying the gamma and exposure and detail as well as more control of the saturation and vibrance (you can also simply just use some of the previous created settings to create interesting black and white and over saturated imagery.


Menu commands : listThe key thing for using the gradients with Photoshop image modes is the image menu and modes and then selecting









As well as 8 bits / 16 bits / 32 bits per channel if available


Bitmap does not allow for the presets nor does indexed color


Buy Price :$6.49 US Dollars 32,000 Colorful gradients for use in RGB and CMYK etc GRD Gallery


HDR Toning on convert to 32bit and back: HDR toningWhen you convert RGB to 32bit or 16bit, an extra dialog will appear and that is the HDR toning panel and that is super useful with Photoshop gradients and image modes. You can use the presets as well as the actual settings for the edge glow and tone and detail as well as shadow etc. The results can be quite varied and you can create unique colorful designs simply by using that panel.



Merging the presets and effects - Photoshop gradients and image modes : layersIt should be noted that if you want to merge the presets (such as using layers or the tool itself) then using CMYK or duotone or grayscale or 32bit depth will perhaps have less blends to choose from (you will see them disabled such as color burn and linear burn and screen and color dodge). You will also find that as soon as you change to LAB mode or 32 bit depth that some of the effects are not available to modify the generated color such as the excellent camera raw and filter gallery effects. As mentioned, you can always quickly revert back to RGB and continue to use the presets.


You can use a number of adjustments with the generated colors in CMYK etc but again when you change to 32bit etc you will find that some of the adjustments are no longer available such as color balance, black and white, invert, posterize etc (though in some cases it is very hard to understand why and perhaps some of the effects and adjustments will eventually make it into the increased color depth / LAB etc.


CMYK : cmykIf you go into the preset editor in CMYK etc you will find that nothing much changes and you can change the cyan / magenta etc as before via the far right side of the color picker panel.


Go to the 32bit mode and the color picker is very different.


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