How to install and load Photoshop gradients tutorial

How to install Photoshop gradients in CC 2018 - CS5CS4 etc. How to quickly load them

How to install and load Photoshop gradients

how to load /  install Photoshop gradients tutorial
  1. Select your Photoshop GRD gradients )that you want to load and install) file (s) and copy

  2. Go to the applications or program files folder (mac or PC). Expand the Adobe / Photoshop application folder

  3. Go to the "presets" folder

  4. Paste or place the GRD files into the "gradients" folder to install the gradients into Photoshop

  5. Select the gradient tool in Photoshop toolbar

  6. Start up the application. Go to top of the application and open the presets picker dropdown

  7. Access the GRD file via the right side menu of the presets panel and load the gradients

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User account : user accountThe presets can also be placed in the user's section to avoid any issues with administrator passwords etc


~ / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Adobe Photoshop XXX / Presets (for the mac)


users \ XXX \ AppData \ Roaming \ Adobe Photoshop XXX \ Presets etc (for the PC)


The XXX etc will vary depending on the version of the application as well as your user account


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You can load them and install the Photoshop gradients from any folder but it is probably best to add them to the presets folder


Select by name : colorfulYou do not need to install them into any particular folder but if you do add them to the standard folder you will then see the names of the presets listed in the presets panel for quick access. This is a quick and easy way to load and install the Photoshop gradients and instant access to the colorful designs.


As soon as you select one of those named files in the list, the presets are added to your panel and you can then use them in multiple ways in the application


Load / replace from center : menuPersonally, I generally use the panel and the right side menu and select the Photoshop gradients' load / replace commands and load the GRD files via that as I have a central location for all my GRD files and I can then load them as I require them instead of having a huge long list of names to scroll through.


The same menu is available whenever you use one of the tools that uses the GRD files.


Preset manager : presetsYou can also install / load the Photoshop gradients them via the preset manager via the edit menu.


Select the preset type in the dropdown.


You can then load them (appending to the existing set) by selecting the GRD files.


Tools to use : panel for the stylesYou can load them via a number of locations in the applications


Fill layer command

Presets manager

Overlay section in layer styles

GRD tool

Fill command etc


Select the presets : selectOnce you have load the presets into the panel, you can then select them and use them via the tools.


If you purchase our collection set of 32,000 amazing color effects, you can add all the GRD files to the presets folders and when you go to the right side menu of the picker panel, all the file names will be shown.


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