How to color type / text with Photoshop gradients tutorial

How to fill type with color using gradients in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc.

Gradient filled type in Photoshop

photoshop gradients and type text tutorial
  1. Create some text using the type tool in Photoshop

  2. Layer menu and layers styles

  3. Gradient overlay panel

  4. Select gradient from dropdown and style and angle - with the latest version you can also add multiple gradients to the fill of the type and mix using blending modes

  5. Click OK

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Use layer styles : stylesThe quickest way to add the color effects to ABCDE etc is to use the layer styles and the overlay or stroke or glow etc.


You can then use the style and angle and length of the preset to modify the color of the text design. While it is active and displayed, you can use the layer style controls to manipulate the origin and angle as well as change the preset applied to the characters. The feature is live so can always be altered at any time by going to the layers panel in PS and accessing the overlay and changing the settings there.


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Type masking : maskingYou can also use the type masking tool and apply presets to that in countless ways


To use the masking, simply select the tool in the toolbar and then set the size and font etc and then click the document for the origin of the characters.


Create the characters and then go to the GRD tool in the toolbar and select a preset from the preset picker as well as set a style such as linear or radial and then apply that to the selection and you can apply it multiple times with different styles and presets as well as using different opacities and blending modes to create either a basic set of super colorful characters or a very complex design inside the ABCDE etc


Multiple overlays in styles : multipleWith the latest version of CC you can now add multiple overlays to characters in the layer styles dialog by using the '+ to add an additional preset overlay and you can then using blending modes within the layer styles dialog to create all kinds of super colorful items and these can also be saved to the styles panel as well as stored in the CC libraries for future use.


All kinds of designs can be generated by combining multiple sets of characters with the presets


Smart object : overlayYou can also convert the combined overlay (from the layer styles) and characters into a smart object via the smart object command in the Photoshop layer menu and then combine the effects with smart filters as well as smart adjustments and you can then add additional shapes and GRD presets to that and also combine the results with blending modes and more in a smart object which can also be placed into the CC libraries. The key thing is that the characters are still live (and can be edited and changed from ABCDE to ABDFK etc) and the layer style and applied overlay preset can be modified at any point.


The smart object approach is also useful if you wish to add a quick extrusion with the letter artwork and overlay via the 3D menu


The smart object can have smart filters and adjustments added. You can also just combine the artwork with the background via the flatten command and then add brush strokes and other effects to the characters such as adding LUT adjustments as well as many other adjustments such as filters (camera raw etc) or hue and saturation filters and more


Convert to a normal shape and fill content : contentYou can also just expand the characters and turn them into a normal shape via the convert to shape command and then use fill content etc as with any regular shape layer


Select the custom shape tool (as well as keeping the characters selected) and then go to the top of the application and change the fill / stroke etc. Once you have selected the correct content (not patterns or solid etc) then you can then change the characters at any time by just double clicking the entry in the layers panel.


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