How to add transparency to gradients in Photoshop tutorial

How to add transparency to Photoshop gradients and then use to create amazing grids and columns in CC 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc

Add opacity / transparency to gradients

How to add transparency / opacity to gradients in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Select gradient tool in Photoshop

  2. Click the gradient dropdown / preset picker

  3. Go to the gradient bar in the center of gradient editor

  4. Go to the top of the bar

  5. Click and add an opacity stop

  6. Change the opacity setting to 0% etc and repeat this in different locations to add opacity / transparency to your gradient and click OK


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GRD tool and editor : transparency opacity gradient in Photoshop editorChange the transparency for the gradients by selecting the GRD tool and then the dropdown / preset picker along the top bar. Click one of the presets to go into the editor. Add the stops along the top of the bar of the preset stops (not bottom as that is for the colors) or change the stop's values


You can add 0% stops (so you cannot see the color) but you can always set it to 50% or other settings and you can add one stop or multiple stops


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Edge stops : edgePersonally, I like to add 0% to both of the ends (left and right of the stops) of the main colors - setting the value to 0 and leave the inner stops to 100% or less. Note that this is not always the ends of the bar but the ends of the inn


Of course, you can set the stops to any value depending on the results you want to achieve. You can set one stop at one end at 100% and another at 0%. Or set the opacity stops closer to the center.


Midpoints : midpointsYou can also use the midpoints to add more or less of the color by moving the small diamond in between the stops along the top bar. Just select the midpoint and move back and forth to change the amount of color you see


The number of midpoints is two if you have three stops, so always one less than the number of stops. Select the midpoint between the stops (between two of the stops along the top bar). Move that towards or away from one of the stops (top bar). The color spreads or fades depending on the direction. Click OK and then apply the preset to the document


Straight line creation : single lineHow to create a single straight colorful line using the presets and modifications to the stops ? Select the GRD tool and click the preset picker for the tool. Click a preset and you will be in the editor. Set the stop (top bar) for 20 at 0% and 50 at 100% and 80 at 0%. Set the color around the 50 in the middle of the preset bar. Click OK and set to linear and then apply the preset to a white background (or any other color)


The area shown in white is the area where there is 100% transparency so if it had been blue or black as a background, blue or black would have been displayed


Spots : spotsYou can use the stops to create a lovely opaque spot but the rest of the preset is 0% and will make no impact on the image. How do create this. Go to the editor again and then set the first opacity stop to 0% (far left) and the far right opacity stop to 0% also. Once you have done this. Go to the center (50%) and add an opacity stop at 40% of 100% and another opacity stop at 60% at 100%. Set the opacity midpoints for each to be really close to the stops as well otherwise the result will be more blurry.


Add some color stops in the center as well. If you want a strong black edge then set the color of the 60% stop to black and set the other stops to greens or blues or whatever. Click the new to save it.


Set the blending to normal and set to radial and then apply the preset across the image multiple times


Grid / square design : bricksYou can create a grid of the designs by using a new layer. Create a preset with only one edge with 0% opacity stop and the rest of the design in full 100%. Create multiple color stops to the left side of the preset in the editor. At the 50% point, create a strong black stop. Place the 0% stop very close to the 50% mark. Go to the GRD tool and then select the diamond option and normal mode and create the design holding down the shift key to constrain and draw at 45 degrees. You should then have a square full of color on your new layer. Go to the move tool and then hold the alt / option key down to duplicate that square design and repeat and fill the artwork with your squares either aligning them or overlapping to create a square themed background


Remove stops : removeYou can quickly remove stops by going to the opacity side of the bar in the editor and dragging them off the bar. The preset then just uses the two opacity stops at the side of the removed stop. If the two adjacent stops are 100% and 100% then you will see 100%. Likewise if 0% and 0% then you will just see 0%. If 100% and 0% then the result will be a blend between the two and the result will depend on the midpoint.


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