How to blur vector shapes in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to blur vector shapes in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc tutorial.

Blur vectors in Photoshop

blur vectors in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Create vector shape via custom shape tool / shape layer in Photoshop

  2. Layer menu

  3. Smart objects

  4. Convert to smart object (the vector shape)

  5. Filter

  6. Blur menu

  7. Gaussian blur

  8. Set as required

  9. OK

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can also apply multiple softening effects to the same design. Select the artwork layer and convert as before to a smart object and then go to the filter menu and again select one of the softening effects and then re-apply again perhaps with a different setting or perhaps combine with a different blending mode. The result of more subtle softening effects with lower settings can produce truly unique and wonderful imagery that perhaps a single application with a high setting cannot.


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Gaussian is an obvious choice for the effect but there are a number of other tools that can add different more obscuring and hazy image and any softening effect can also be combined with other effects as well such as oil paint. The key thing about the smart objects and filters is that you can quickly remove any of the gaussian etc effects in seconds.


Another option to apply some softening to the artwork layers is to use the properties panel which can be found via the window menu and go to the panel with the design selection and go to the mask section and set feathering to greater than 0


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