How to blur vector shapes in Photoshop tutorial

vectorsHow to blur vector shapes in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc tutorial.

Create vector shape via custom shape tool / shape layer. Layer menu and Smart objects. Convert to smart object (the vector shape). Filter and Blur menu. Gaussian blur. Set as required and then OK


Video tutorial on the subject of blurring vectors by (youtube)


blend multipleYou can also apply multiple blur effects to the Photoshop vector shapes. Select the artwork layer and convert to a smart object via the layer menu. Goto the filter menu and apply a gaussian and then iris effect. As the iris effect (found in the blur gallery) can be used to mask where the effect is applied you can soften parts of the design and not others (or perhaps not so extremely). As the layer now has smart filters, you can enable or disable or change the properties and the mask at any time.


Some filters (not iris) allow for blending between themselves so you can add the effect using a blending mode of difference or darken.


The underlying artwork is still untouched and can be changed at any point by using tools such as the direct selection tool


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effectsThere are a number of useful blur effects that can be used with Photoshop vector shapes and found such as

Box / Gaussian / Motion / Radial / Zoom / Shape / Iris / Field / Tilt / Spin / Path


You can combine those effects in multiple ways and using them as smart filters they can be deleted and disabled as well as settings changed in seconds. You can also fade the result of the applied effect via the edit menu and fade command.


filter maskIf you use smart filters you can also filter the effect - so you can blur vector shapes in Photoshop and modify that effect and where is applied to that design.


So if you want to soften only part of the design then you can go to the smart filter entry in the layers panel and select that and then go to the document and add pixel information to that filter mask such as brush strokes or gradients etc.


You can then have more or less softening added to the artwork


propertiesWithout using effects etc, you can use the properties panel for the layer to blur vector shapes in Photoshop. Select a shape and then go to the feather option and set to greater than 0% in the properties panel




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