Shape options in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to use the settings / options for Photoshop shapes tutorial such as unconstrained, defined, fixed etc in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 etc

Photoshop shape options

how to set the size of a shape in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Select the custom shape tool (or rectangle, ellipse etc)

  2. Go to the top bar of Photoshop (custom shapes options) for the options panel

  3. Go to the shapes (little gear) settings / options

  4. Select fixed size (say) and set width and height / specific size for the shape

  5. Apply the Photoshop shape with a fixed size (and not unconstrained as default)

Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


Basic : displayYou can select the rectangle / ellipse / CSH options by selecting the tool in the toolbar and then going up to the top bar and text to the presets dropdown you will see a little cog or gear thumbnail which can be clicked and a panel will be displayed with all the unconstrained / defined etc path options


Should be noted that line and polygon does not have this feature


Buy Price : $3.49 US or equivalent. 13,000 Vector artworks for PS and PS Elements CSH gallery


Available options : panelUnconstrained

Defined proportions

Defined size

Fixed size

From center


Are the options available along with the control on the thickness and color of the drawn design (this is not reflected in the final image)


Defined proportions : define proportionsApplies the artwork as defined the proportions set by the artwork as it was saved / defined via the edit menu.


Great for keeping the presets in proportion to one another.


If you use this feature with a layer such as rectangle or ellipse layer or a CSH preset then the result can be very much like a nozzle / tube effect as in Painter or PSP.


So if you have a preset with a size of 10px by 10px, you can then set it as 100px and 100px or 200px and 200px or 2px and 2px etc and they will all be in that proportion (weirdly the preset panel does not show the dimensions of the art)


If the preset was created with a size of 100px (horizontal) and 200px (Vertical) then any created preset using the defined proportions will be 10px / 20px or 30px / 60px or 40 inch by 40 inch etc



Defined size : definedThis just uses the artwork as was originally set which may be of little use if the created size was quite small.


So if you want your artwork to use the defined size then it is probably a good idea to create a document with guides for particular sizes to use as definition for the stored preset (via the edit menu)


Many of my sets were created with documents sized about 300 x 300px which means that the defined size sets them to around that value (there is no feature of the preset to overwrite the original defined size). You can, of course, just select the artwork layer and re-size and then go to the edit menu and use the define command and save the new preset and it will then have that new defined size


Still, it is useful for adding the art with the defined size that you may have defined for a particular project such as for building size or architectural item or an engineering or technical drawing etc


You can then set the art to 1000px and 500px and then the defined size will always generate them at that size.


Fixed size : fixedThe fixed size panel is useful for a nozzles like / brush apply of the artwork.


You can set the fixed size to 100px by 100px etc and all the artworks will then be applied (whether in proportion or not) the same size over and over by a click of the document.


You can also drag the artwork into position as required whether off the page or into the center or the top left etc of the document (though this only works if you are using the layer and not the pixel)


Unconstrained : unconstrainedThe default and possibly the easiest to use to apply the art as you want and in any position or proportion. Apply the art and stretch and distort left and right and top to bottom


The unconstrained is my favorite but it does not make it easy to match sizes etc but it is great for a more random approach to the art


Center : center pointProbably the oddest one to work with as it just creates the artwork from the center (click) outwards. The center outward is useful if you want to place your artworks center at a certain point and then change the size of the design based on that within PS.


You can use them with all the tools such as rectangles, CSH, ellipse but you cannot use them with the star and polygon and line (for some reason)


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