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How to create patterns in Photoshop tutorial

create define photoshop pattern command tutorial

How to create / define amazing patterns in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc. How to create a pattern in Photoshop CC 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc on the PC and MAC. Patterns can be defined / created by using an entire document as well as a selection of an image. You can define the image as well as the selection by using the edit menu define pattern command in Photoshop. You can create a basic pattern / seamless tile in numerous ways. You can an image and simply define it as a pattern but it will probably not be seamless. You can copy the image and paste and reduce to a quarter and place the image in the four corners of the image. You can then flip so the seams all match around the image (flip horizontal, flip vertical via the edit menu transform command) and then define the pattern via the edit menu in Photoshop. You can create a new pattern by copying the image and then pasting the design repeatedly through the image and then flatten (avoid the edges) and use the Photoshop offset filter (50% settings of the width and height) and continue to paste the images. You can then add new layers and flatten and offset again and repeat. You can then create all kinds of Photoshop patterns again by using the define pattern command. You can also use brush strokes to create patterns in Photoshop. Or use shapes. There are also plugins and applications such as Patterno available to create patterns and these can then be defined in Photoshop. This tutorial shows you a few techniques to create patterns in Photoshop such as tiles approach or using offsets and how to define in Photoshop.

  1. Create design

  2. Edit menu in Photoshop CC CS6 etc

  3. Define pattern command.

  4. Give the Photoshop pattern a name

  5. OK

Selections for the defining of patterns

Another option is to use a selection for the pattern

  1. Select an area using the marquee tool in toolbar

  2. Edit menu

  3. Define pattern command

  4. Give the pattern a name

  5. OK


The result will probably not be seamless though unless the image or the selection is seamless to start with such as the Photoshop patterns collection on this site

Offset approach for patterns in Photoshop

define pattern and offset photoshopYou can define / create all kinds of seamless Photoshop pattern designs in Photoshop by using the method below. You can use resources such as brush strokes, you can use images, you can reduced sized images, you can combine with other resources etc but the key thing is to avoid the seams. If you use a layer, you will need to flatten the layers


  1. Start with an empty document say 500 x 500

  2. Go to the custom shape tool or brush tool or image and add that to the middle of the image / document

  3. filter menu and other and offset command and set to -250 and 250 and wrap (go for half of the size)

  4. Add additional designs in the middle of the current document avoiding the edges

  5. edit menu and define pattern etc


You can see the tile used on the right (it was a single image and was re-sized to 50% of the size of the document)

Tile approach for Photoshop patterns

  1. Open an image

  2. select part of the image

  3. copy

  4. file new command

  5. set the new document to height x 2 and width x 2

  6. paste. Probably easiest to have to smart guides on show smart guides View menu show command)

  7. Position that copied image layer in the top left of the new document for the first part of the Photoshop pattern creation

  8. alt / option duplicate layer and shift to the top right and bottom left and bottom right

  9. select bottom items and edit menu and flip vertical

  10. select the two layers on the right and edit menu and transform and flip horizontal

  11. flatten

  12. edit menu and define pattern in Photoshop. You can see the result on the right of the tile (the tile itself is on the left) using the fill content command


You can, of course, use a set of guides for 3 x 3 10 x 10 etc to create more complex tiles

Using applications to create patterns

You can also use applications to create patterns for Photoshop etc. There are many tools available. One of my favourite applications for patterns is Patterno. You can find the patterno application in the mac store. You can then export the artwork from patterno to Photoshop and then define that pattern in Photoshop. You can also use tools such as the excellent Scopeworks to create unusual patterns for use in Photoshop. There are literally millions of ways of creating patterns. There used to be a pattern maker tool within Photoshop. Sadly, that plugin no longer exists. You can find plugins also to create patterns in Photoshop such as a set available via Artlandia and that is available for Photoshop CC CS6 etc

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