How to define patterns in Photoshop tutorial

How to create / define amazing preset patterns in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc.

Define preset pattern in Photoshop

how to define patterns in Photoshop tutorial presets
  1. Open image

  2. Select area for pattern using the rectangular marquee tool (Photoshop toolbar)

  3. Edit menu in Photoshop CC CS6 etc

  4. Define pattern command

  5. Give the Photoshop pattern a name

  6. OK


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can use all kinds of images as a source for the tiles.


If you want to have them as a seamless tile then you can use a single image (with nothing touching the edges of the document). If you want to create a more complex seamless tile then there are many tools to aid in this such as listed below.


My favourite tool is Painter as that has a useful tile feature which enables paint to be applied and wrap around the image so all kinds of images can be created with the strokes (this is not carried through to the effects though). In PS, probably the easiest way to create them is to use the offset filter to wrap the design and then continue to work the tile until you wish to save it as a preset to the presets panel for use with other tools such as fills and fill content and layer styles etc


How to create the tiles in the first place. You could use the various tools on your mobile to capture them - Adobe have their capture app.


Buy $9.95 2900 Seamless tiles all for commercial use in your projects gallery


You can also use tools such as



Paintstorm studio

Artlandia plugins



You can also create the tiles using PSP, Krita etc but the apps above are specific for the creation of unique seamless tiles.


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