How to import brushes into Affinity Photo tutorial

A quick guide for Affinity Photo and importing / loading / adding Photoshop brushes in ABR format as well as afbrushes and also PNG

Import brushes into Affinity Photo

affinity Photo and import of Photoshop brushes
  1. Start up Affinity Photo (for the import of the brushes into Affinity Photo)

  2. Go to the view and studio command

  3. Select the brushes command. You will now see the correct panel

  4. Go to the right side menu of the Affinity Photo brushes panel

  5. Use the import command. you will see a dropdown with menu options such as a create a new category and 'import brushes' select that

  6. Browse for the correct format ABR file to import

  7. Click open and you will see the ABR category added to your menu in the panel. The imported strokes may have to be re-sized manually as the sizes in many ABR files can be over 1000px


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Import afbrushes : abrGo to the panel and right side of the panel and import command and browse for the afbrush format files and click open and you will now see the category added to your strokes list


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Add PNG files into AP : Goto the view menu of AP and then the studio menu and brushes and right side menu and select a new intensity entry. You will then see a browse appear and you can then search for the PNG files (best to add them to favorite location to make them easier to find). Select the required PNG to add it to the application. The dialog allows for multiple files to be open but sadly only is added.


You can now go to one of the tools in the AP toolbox and apply it in the current color.


Category : intensityThe strokes are added into the current category so if you are currently in the drawing category then you will find all the added PNG files in that section. If you are in textures then you will see the PNG files added there.


Move to new category : Right click the stroke in the panel and select the move command to move it to a new category.


You can also use the edit command and here you can change the








blend and wet and contour associated tool

dynamics such as jitter for hue and saturation and scatter etc

texture and nozzles and scale etc


So basically most of the same options availble to Photoshop


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