How to create polka dot brushes tutorial

How to create polka dot brushes in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc tutorial.

Create polka dot brushes in Photoshop

polka dot brushes for Photoshop and create tutorial
  1. Create a Photoshop document 1000 x 1000 for the polka dot brush

  2. View menu and snap ON

  3. View menu and snap to guides ON

  4. View menu and new guide layout

  5. Columns 6 and rows 6 and both ON

  6. Go to the ellipse tool and create a circle (as a shape layer) that snaps to the guides in the first cell

  7. Alt / option and duplicate that circle and place in the third cell in the first row and then duplicate and add to the 5th cell in the first row

  8. Duplicate and go to the next row and add the circle to the 2nd cell (using the snap so it is in the center of the cell)

  9. Repeat with the 4th cell and then move to the third row and place in the first cell etc

You can use the Photoshop guides and new guide layout to create cells for the spots. The spots for the brush can be added to the cells uniformly or in random sizes. You can also change the color of the spots for each cell as required. Quickest way is perhaps using custom shapes. You can make the spots small or perhaps make the spots in random sizes. You can apply different shapes, they don't have to be circles though that is probably the most convential approach for the design


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