How to create gradients using bas relief in Photoshop

Tutorial on the Photoshop bas relief filter and how to create amazing gradients in CC 2018 2017 etc

Bas relief filter and gradient creation

how to use the bas relief filter to create gradients in Photoshop
  1. New document and set the foreground to black and background to white for the initial bas relief effect and gradient

  2. Filter menu

  3. Filter gallery

  4. Sketch and bas relief

  5. Detail 1 and smoothness 15

  6. Light (any direction)

  7. OK and there you have a gradient. Not much different from a normal gradient but still a gradient. Change the foreground and background color if you wish

  8. Go back into the filter gallery and bas relief and change the light direction

  9. Click OK

  10. Edit menu and fade and set mode to overlay or difference etc (you will notice some banding but a blur will blur that away)

  11. Edit menu and fade

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Layers approach : differenceA slightly different approach to creating gradients using Photoshop bas relief filter is to create a number of layers such as duplicate the background and then apply the effect to create a colorful blend for each layer and then blend those layers using different blending modes such as lighten etc for each of the layers.


Duplicate background layer and repeat multiple times. Hide the layers you don't want. Change foreground and background. Select a layer and apply bas relief and change the light direction. Repeat for other layers. Change the blending modes etc


Changing layers : layersOne thing about doing the creation of gradients using the bas relief Photoshop filter via a layer is that the layer can be removed or made invisible as well as the size can be changed and also the layers can be any size and also you can change the blending mode


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Smart objects : smartYou can also use smart objects and the Photoshop bas relief as a smart filter to create gradients in 1000s of ways and combinations. Use marquee tool and select a circle and copy and paste. Set the foreground and background color. Layer menu and convert to smart object. Apply the effect via the filter gallery as before with a certain light direction


You can blend the layers via the smart filters settings via the layers panel and right side settings for each of the smart tools


Custom shapes : shapeYou can use the smart object approach with Photoshop shapes - so the bas relief created gradient can be added to a circle or custom shape or rectangle etc.


Create a shape layer in PS (such as an ellipse) and then go to the layer menu and convert to smart object.


Go to the filter menu and apply the effect a few times to add multiple entries with different colors as well as different directions of the effect. You can then combine them using blending modes for the smart effects


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