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Date updated: May 14th, 2023

Photoshop gradients bundle

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Image gallery: 32,000 Gradients Collection for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

32,000 gradients for Adobe ® Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (Adobe Photoshop 14-6) and Photoshop Elements 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. The gradients are all in standard Photoshop GRD format designs for all kinds of work. The collections Includes also a massive selection of gradient tile sets (seamless tiles built via the gradients). The gradients include many different focus designs, shadow Photoshop gradients, sky gradients, metallic gradients, smudged gradients, smooth gradients, bubble gradients and more. Use to create truly weird and wonderful and startling designs in seconds. The super colorful gradients are for PC (windows 8, windows 7, XP, Vista) and MAC OS X (10.8, 10.7 10.6 10.5). Easy to use and apply. The Photoshop gradients can be applied once or multiple times, combine with effects, re-color the gradient color effects, modify the gradient color effects (such as change the stop position colors and transparency to create even more amazing colorful designs), apply them in many different ways and methods (such as apply them as linear or radial or reflected or apply them using different blending modes and in different color modes of Photoshop and much more). Load the Photoshop gradient GRD files via the file open command of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. The gradients are all commercial use, all royalty-free. Use to create items for sale - use to create logos, templates, kits, packaging, adverts, book covers and much more. All the Photoshop gradients are by (Andrew Buckle). Apply standard Photoshop filter effects to the gradients to blur the designs or create extrude effects and distortions. Export the colorful designs created by the Photoshop gradients to use in other applications. The gradients are all for any size of document so you can apply the Photoshop gradients with small documents as well as huge documents. You can apply layer effects and use the Photoshop gradients in layer effects. Apply the focus Photoshop gradients in animations. Use the gradients with text. Use the gradients with the gradient tools and add super colorful designs to any image and text. Combine the gradients with the powerful map filter / command. You can use the powerful focus gradients to create amazing fills via the fill command and the new fill layer command. Use the Photoshop gradients in scripts and actions to great effect. If you have any questions about the Photoshop gradients, please contact use on Photoshop and Adobe are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. if you have any questions about the gradients, please contact us on - always happy to answer any questions. You might also like to check out the graphicxtras videos on the subject on youtube such as the installation and basic use of the designs.

free gradients

FREE 80 gradient sampler for Photoshop and Elements

Selection of free gradients in GRD format - 80 different gradients including colorful gradients, random color gradients, basic gradient designs and many more. All the gradients can be used in Photoshop CC CS6-6 and Photoshop elements 11-1 PC and MAC OS X. Download. Commercial use, all royalty-free, all can be used to create items for sale such as logos, books, packaging, adverts, videos and much more. The designs can be combined in millions of ways - they can be blended, the designs exported, the gradients can be used as a source for brushes and patterns and more.

Photoshop gradients bundle

FREE: Flames gradient freebie for Photoshop and Elements

4 Flames freebie download for use in Photoshop as well as Photoshop elements. Commercial use. Load via the gradients palette load / replace command and use with the gradients tool. Apply in 1000s of ways, to shapes, to layers. Use the gradients via the fill as well as use the free gradients via gradient tool and also via the new fill layer gradient and also via the gradient overlay in the layer effects dialog. The gradients can be used on the PC and MAC. If you have any questions about the gradients, please contact us. Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Gradients video tutorials

Gradients video


Photoshop gradients

Opening Photoshop gradient files (GRD)

The gradient sets for use with Photoshop and Elements include all the wonderful color designs in GRD format files. The GRD files are only for Photoshop and Elements and cannot be used in other applications. Open the GRD file via the file open command in Photoshop as well as via the edit menu manager (edit menu) and also via the gradient palette right side menu load / replace. If you place the GRD file into the folder marked 'gradients' then you can also see all the GRD files appear in the list on the right side of the palette and just select the name for ease of access. If you use the file open command, the gradient designs are all loaded into the application and will not replace the existing set. If you decide to remove the colorful designs and return to the factory default, just select the reset command on the right side of the palette. You can use the load command to add 100s of gradients into the palette but there might be an upper limit depending on the version of Photoshop and Elements being used. You can also use the save command on the right side of the Photoshop palette to save all the gradients to a GRD file for future use.


line photoshop gradients

The above gradient was created from one of the gradients in the bundle set. Simply applied using the gradient tool found in the Photoshop toolbox applied across the image - using the radial option via the top option bar in Photoshop

Photoshop Gradient tool

The gradient tool for Photoshop can be found on the toolbox (it is on the same icon as the paint bucket tool). Selecting the gradient tool will display (on the top bar of Photoshop) the gradient palette dropdown (contains all the current gradients in Photoshop), blending mode, gradient type, opacity. The gradient palette dropdown will probably not display all the gradients you have (though it is always possible) as there are many additional libraries supplied with Photoshop and also many additional GRD gradient libraries can be found on the web such as the third party gradients on (there are currently over 32,000 different gradients available on the site). The gradient tool is sadly not as flexible as the tool in Adobe's vector application but it does allow for application across the document as well as different starting positions for the gradient tool. The gradient tool in Photoshop Elements is the same as the tool in Photoshop

Gradients GRD file - the standard format for Photoshop

The Photoshop gradients are stored in a GRD file, the GRD file can be used in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Sadly, no other application (that I know of) supports GRD files. You can obtain a PC version of a gradients browser, I would suggest searching the tool via Google or Bing. The results of the gradient tool can be exported though as PNG or JPG files

Photoshop Gradients and Layer effects

Use in the stunning color effects in the layer effects' gradient overlay, glow and stroke settings. The gradients are accessed via the gradient dropdown in the individual layer panels. The gradient type can be changed from linear to radial. The gradient can be scaled and rotated. Gradients and the layer effects created can be saved as a setting for future use.


smooth designs

The gradients can be applied in many different ways such as radial - you can also combine the gradients with special effects such as the lens flare in Photoshop.


complementary color gradients

The gradients included in the set include multiple color layered designs - these can have effects such as a motion blur, wave effects applied to create a whole range or weird and wonderful designs.


edge gradients Photoshop

Gradients can be applied once or multiple times - use the gradients with blending modes to create a near infinite range of gradient and colorful designs

Gradient overlays in Photoshop

Apply the gradient to an image using a opacity of less than 100%. Many of the gradients in the various collections also come with their own transaprency information to allow for more or less of the image to be displayed. This transparency can be further modified by clicking on the gradient and changing the transparency stop settings. Gradients can be applied in multiple directions using the gradient tool. The transparency information can be removed all together by setting the transparency check to off (along the gradient bar of Photoshop ® )


red Photoshop gradients

A selection of red themed gradients can be found in the set - they can be combined, you can also just apply a color adjustment etc to create a blue or green gradient.


super colorful designs

The gradients include gradients with transparency, so they are perfect for creating buttons and multiple buttons as above.

Combine multiple gradients over multiple layers in Photoshop

Combine gradients over multiple layers / applies using different blending modes such as 'multiply' 'difference'. You can combine the gradients in millions of different ways creating extreme color designs as well as subtle color effects depending on the blending modes applied. You can also achieve a similar effect by applying the gradients to layers set with different blending modes.

Extrude effects - add an extra dimension with the Photoshop gradients

Gradients are great for extrude like operations such as columns and spheres, some work better than others for this.

Photoshop Gradient apply modes

Apply the Photoshop gradient as radial / mirror / angle / reflected / linear. Each have their usefulness. The Photoshop help guide offers more explanation about the particular type and how the colors are mapped in each.


gradient cross photoshop

The gradients can be applied in 5 different apply modes - above being a mirror gradient in Photoshop

Selection masks and Photoshop gradients

Use gradients as selection masks. Click the quick mask mode button and then apply the gradient to the document. On exit, the selection will reflect the gradient design

Photoshop Gradients and color channels

Use gradients across color channels. To use the gradients in different color channels, go to the channels palette and select one of the channels and then apply the gradient; go to another channel and apply the same gradient or perhaps a different gradient or apply the same gradient in a different manner or perhaps using a different apply mode; and repeat depending on the number of channels.

Gradients Scripts

Use gradients in scripts and actions. By using the listener plugin that comes with Photoshop, you can also observe the various settings associated with the gradient such as the type, angle, start and end position, the different stops used and the colors associated with the stop and the midpoints. The scripts can then be used as a template for new scripts and can be used to create truly weird and wonderful mathematical or random gradients (many of the gradients on the graphicxtras site have been created using various mathematical models to the stops and position of the stops). Using a script allows for the effect to be repeated at a later time or the creation of gradients that might be nigh on impossible to create purely by adding stops to the gradient bar. Actions do not allow for such flexibility but they do allow for the repeat of certain gradient effects.

Text fills and Photoshop gradients

Use gradients in text fills. Either create text as a layer and then apply the gradient via layer effects menu and gradient overlay; or apply text as a selection and then apply the gradient to the selection or perhaps the inverse of the selection; or create text and flatten and then apply a gradient using a blending mode such as multiply or difference

16 bit and the gradients

Use gradients in Photoshop 16bit color mode.

Tiles and Photoshop gradients

Use gradients as tile source. Create a new document and then apply the gradient across the image (the reflected gradient is perhaps one of the more useful gradient types to use for the creation of tiles). Re-apply the gradient or different gradients as required and use the offset filter to shift the design to create a tile (or select a 1/4 of the design and then transform and rotate to create the same design on each side of the file) and then save the tile via the edit menu command and define command in Photoshop.

Maps and Photoshop gradients

Gradients can be used as source for maps, save to PSD format. The same approach as with the patterns needs to be applied though it does require a little trial and error and not all gradients will work well. Especially, you have to remember the map is a grayscale image and not a color one.

Strokes and Photoshop gradients

Use gradients as a source for strokes. Apply the gradient in a selection or across the image. You may wish to limit the range of the gradient by a selection allowing for a blurring at the edges of the strokes (otherwise you will end up with a square stroke). Repeat the gradient, use different blending modes, apply with effects and then use the edit menu and define to add the design to the current stroke palette


Use gradients in lens distortion for surreal color effects

Color modes and Photoshop gradients

Use Photoshop gradients in LAB CMYK color modes, not just in RGB. The gradients can also be applied in other color modes. The color modes are set via the image menu. You can also apply the gradients in grayscale etc but then certain blending modes are no longer available so it might be better to do any work with gradients in RGB etc and then convert to grayscale or use the black and white filter also found in the image menu. You can also use the colorful designs with the channels in the different color modes, so the gradient can be applied to the lightness and AB channels in LAB; they can also be applied to cyan etc channels in CMYK and they can be independently applied so one gradient can be to the left for one channel and another gradient can be applied to the right for another color channel and so on.

Layers and strokes

Use gradients on a layer with strokes. Create a new layer; layer menu and layer effects and set gradient overlay with the required gradient. Once applied, apply strokes (using something other than white) to the gradient filled layer. This can be repeated with different layers filled with different gradients (again, blending modes can be used to create interesting stroke and gradient combinations in Photoshop)

Impressionist and Photoshop gradients

Use as art history source for impressionist gradients. Apply the gradient (perhaps repeat with the gradients in different directions and using different gradients). Once applied you will see a number of entries in the history palette. Now, select the 'art history tool' and then select a stroke and a type such as 'tight short' 'dab'. Select one of the gradient entries in the history palette and then apply the art history tool. The art history tool also can be modified in a variety of ways via the stroke palette to include varying scattering and spacing

Selections and Photoshop gradients

Use gradients in selections. Select an area using the magic wand tool or the rectangular or elliptical tool or use the path palette (and a custom shape). Once you have a selected area, apply the gradient either to the selected area (or invert the area or perhaps feather the selection, a number of options are available). The gradient can be applied either once or multiple times to the selected area or use different gradients or different gradient blending modes to create unusual color effects

Perspective and the gradients in Photoshop

Use Photoshop gradients in Perspective tool for nozzle like imagery


Apply effects to gradients. The gradient is purely a raster image once it has been applied. You can always apply a blur or stained glass or a third party filter to the gradient.

Edge effects and Photoshop gradients

Use the gradients for border effects. The quickest way to achieve this is probably via a selection and then inverse the selection and then fill that region with a gradient or multiple gradients (or again, varying the blending mode to create unusual color effects with the gradients)

New layer and gradient fill

Use in new fill layer Photoshop gradient content. Layer menu and new fill layer and gradient. The layer dialog will appear and you will at this point have an option to rename the layer, set the blending mode and opacity. Click the OK, you will then see the gradient dialog and you will be able to select a gradient from the gradient palette dropdown (though you can always select another gradient library at this point) and select the style / angle (if relevant) / scale / reverse / dither


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