Create Psychedelic Ripples using Photoshop Gradients

Learn how to create amazing psychedelic ripple effect using gradients for Photoshop tutorial. You can create beautiful colorful hippy ripples in Photoshop by using gradients in CC 2018 2017 2015 etc The key thing is to set the gradient style to "radial".

Create psychedelic ripples using gradients

ripple psychedelic photoshop gradients combination how to create
  1. View menu

  2. New guide layout (default) for centering psychedelic ripples

  3. Select gradient tool in Photoshop toolbar

  4. Select a gradient (a nice bright intense colorful one from the presets)

  5. Set style to radial and use the guide to center the gradient

  6. You can then apply the gradients over and over from one particular center point and

  7. Using a difference blending mode, you can generate a seriously complex circular / contour artwork.

  8. Apply the gradients again

  9. Filter menu.

  10. Distort

  11. Ripple filter

  12. Set the size to large and set the amount to 999% - perfect for creating an interesting 60s themed effect.

  13. Re-color using image menu and adjustments (such as HDR)

You can also use the presets (before the ripple is applied) and then turn the entire artwork into a smart object via the layer menu smart object command. You can then use the smart object with a smart filter ripple which enables the effect to be changed from extreme / large to subtle.


per set GRD format download


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** 32,000 Colorful gradientsfor use with this psychedelic effect GRD Gradients for Photoshop and Elements (selection)

You can also add multiple ripples as well as multiple other effects and with the latest versions of CC, you can now add additional smart adjustments that can be used to totally change the color of the effect such adding additional 60s vibrancy as well as perhaps turning the image into a black and white or sepia effect via hue / saturation adjustment.


Ripple Psychedelic HDR

hdr toning and psychedelic ripples photoshop

You can also create even more odd color combinations and ripples by using blur filter effects and posterization (as well as oil paint filters) or use the blur and cutout (from the filter gallery plugins). Such a pity that the posterization tool doesn't split the colors into layers

  1. Filter gallery

  2. Poster edges and low settings

  3. Vibrance

  4. Use HDR toning found in the image menu and adjustments to add a slightly more surreal touch (on the right)

  5. Image menu

  6. Adjustments

  7. Posterization

  8. Set to the minimum can also result in some interesting psychedelic color effects

Gradient stops for the effect

psychedelic gradients panel photoshop

1. You can add the Photoshop gradients with the same set of stops / color as well as different sets of stops / colors as well as adding gradients using different blending modes such as lighten and difference (my favourite) so you can select any number of the presets included in the current panel as well as adding any of the additional sets.


2. You can also also combine the gradients in different image modes as well such as 16bit or 32bit.


3. You can also add the radial presets to a layer and create multiple layers and the advantage of that approach is that you can remove the items at any point as well as perhaps use the layers with layer comps and then you can change the position as well as opacity etc to create even more effects.


4. You can also then combine the effect with the video timeline in Photoshop to create surreal ripple effects over a timeline and then rendered as a MP4 video.


5. You can also add the ripple effect to other elements such as combining custom shapes with the ripple and also adjustment layers and other effects into smart objects - you can find many different custom shapes to use as a backdrop or path



1. how to load and install the photoshop gradients intoCC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc

2. how to combine multiple gradients in Adobe Photoshop to create amazing colorful effects

3. how to use the Photoshop gradients with RGB channels and separate channels

Youtube Video tutorial

Tutorial on the subject [Youtube] The above video shows the effect created and described. Of course, you can use any number of different combinations than the ones used in the video.


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