PSP Gradient tutorial

How to use the gradients in PSP (PaintShop Pro) tutorial

PSP Gradient tutorial psp gradients tutorial

  1. Select the gradient tool in PSP tools

  2. Set the gradient type

  3. Go to the materials panel to select the preset

  4. Apply the tool

  5. Click the stops to change the color and opacity

  6. Apply effects to the PSP gradient


Basics : typeSelect the gradient fill tool in the tools. Select the type for the tool such as linear, radial etc. Click the current document and draw with the tool. Go to the materials panel and select a preset. There are many presets included with the application


Release the mouse to generate the design


You can create all kinds of amazing designs using the radial or linear or sunburst etc setting such as skylines, suns, frames, overlays and more


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Edit the tool: Once you have generated your fill, you can now change the stops making up the line as well as edit the stops etc.


Edit the stops : editHover over the displayed line and away from any other 'square' stops on the line, click to add a new stop.


Once you have added a stop, click the color along the top bar and change the color for that.


Click on an existing stop (a little hand will appear) and then change the color as well as change the position if required by dragging the stop


Opacity stops : opacityIf you want to make it an opacity stop, click opacity and change the opacity from 0% to 100%. You can add multiple opacity stops and set them accordingly.


You can move the stop as well as change the setting.


Click color stop to return to adding colors.


Angle : You can go to the angle field and change the angle of the tool (it is found along the top bar)


Repeats : repeatsIf you want to add more than one of the color sets, you can increase the repeats setting (top bar).


Set it to four and you will see a lot more colors added, There will be now four additional copies of the colors compressed into the previous space.


Set it to 17 etc for some serious rings if you use the sunburst option


Adding effects to the preset : effectsYou can apply effects to the colorful design but if you again use the tool with the layer, the result of the previous effects is overwritten.


You can use the mesh tool etc and distort the preset. Use the tool again and the distort will be reset.


You can apply many different effects such as the kaleidoscope in the image on the right


Add an additional preset (or more) : If you re-use the tool it will just re-select the bar and you add the single preset to the single layer. If you want to create another preset then the easiest way is to use the layer menu and add new raster layer. You can always just select all those layers and merge them via the layers menu.


Layers : shearYou can add the tool to a layer. You can create a new layer and add a new preset and setting. You can then use the blending modes etc such as difference to create all kinds of colorful combinations. You can also use opacity etc.


You can always transform and scale and rotate the layers to create super interesting color.


You can also merge them via the layers menu


Elliptical: You can use the shear transformation with a sunburst filled layer to create an elliptical design or aspect artwork


Use with shapes : You can also use the presets with the materials panel for the selected artwork


Selections : selectionYou can use the entire document for the tool but you can also fill a selection. You can add a selection using the rectangular marquee tool etc


The selection approach is one way around having a single preset added to a single layer. You can select any part of the document and add different presets and all to a single layer


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