How to create a psp tube tutorial

Create a PSP tube

create psp tube
  1. Open an image for the psp tube

  2. Go to the magic wand / selection tools and select area for the tube

  3. Go to selection menu and promote selection to layer (tube)

  4. Go to the layer menu and delete background to see transparency (select and right click and delete)

  5. File menu and export and picture tube

  6. Set cells, step size, scale and give the name to tube and click OK and now use via the picture tube tool in tools

videoVideo tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Basic : basic panelThe key thing is that you create an image as a layer and you have a transparent background. You can then use the export command. The document also have to be a 24bit RGB color image


Once you have the layer and transparency in place, go to the export command via the file menu and save the file as a PSPtube. In the basic state of a single image, you can set up


cells across = 1

cells down = 1

total cells = 1

step size = whatever you want. The smaller the value the closer the artworks will be generated as you use the design via the tool.

Set selection mode = random etc depends on what you want to generate

placement mode

Give it a name


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More complex cells with more cells : cellMost of the designs I have created with the tool have been a basic 1 x 1. You can always create a larger document say 900 width and 300 height (so you have three cells of 300 x 300 each - you can use the grids to determine this).


Copy / paste an image into that document and re-size so the layer fills the left side of the document. Goto to another image and copy something and paste that into the middle cell. Repeat this with the third cell. You can then align and distribute the layers in the three cells. You will now have three layers filling the document. Go to the background layer in layer panel and right click and delete. Select the three layers and use the merge visible (you need a single layer for this to work)


Go to the file menu and export and save the art as a new file for use with the tool (as listed above). You will see the same panel. Now enter

cells across = 3

cells down = 1 (the total will be calculated for you, 3)


and save it by clicking OK.


Selection mode : selectionNow the selection mode is far more important as if the first cell contains the letter A and the next the letter B and the next cell has C, the incremental mode will generate A B C A B C etc but if you select random then the result will be A C B C C C A etc The other modes are for pen tools such as angular etc


Tool options : toolIt should be noted that the tool also can vary the selection mode and placement mode at the time of use as well as scale and steps


So, creating the design doesn't mean it is cast in stone. You can change the options at any time such as the scaling and the steps as well as generate the art onto a new layer etc (which can in turn mean you can quickly select and copy those layers and paste them as new cells for even more possible designs with this tool.


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