How to create a zigzag shape in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a zigzag custom shape design in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 etc.

Create zigzag shape in Photoshop

how to zigzag custom shapes create in photoshop
  1. Go to the view menu

  2. Snap on and snap to guides

  3. View menu

  4. New guide layout and 10 columns and 10 rows

  5. Select the pen tool

  6. Select the shape option

  7. Apply point to the document

  8. Use guides to add the next point in the zigzag in Photoshop


Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)



Guides : guidesThere are many different ways to create the artwork - below are a few examples. Would suggest setting up guides for the artwork and that can be done via the view menu and new guide layout and you can set up guides 12 x 12 or 20 x 20 and then use the intersections for the points for the artwork.


Create a basic horizontal design : greenClick the far left middle point then go up to the next line above and across and click to add a new point. Go back down to the middle line and move across a cell across and click. You can then go up to the next row again and across by one cell and click. You can then go down to the middle again and across by one cell and click again


You can then repeat the same action multiple times to create a very design and once you have that, you can use the direct selection tool to select all the points of the vector artworks and then go to the edit menu and define it as a custom shape or simply select the artwork and drag it to the CC libraries to save the work for future use. Select the CSH tool and go to the CSH presets panel and select your saved design. Set to layer option and set the fill to no color and the stroke to black and stroke width to 10 and set the align to center and set the cap etc


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Random and jittery design : shadowYou can also make more random and jerky and jittered artworks by using a similar approach to above but just don't be so careful with the guides and where you click on the document. You still want it to loosely like the required graphic so it can only be changed so far before it just looks like a jittery line.


Select the pen tool. Click the far middle left. Go to three or so rows up and click two columns across. Go back down past the middle and move across by one and then click again with the pen tool. Go up to past the middle by one row and across two etc


Anyway, you can see the artwork is far more random and more extreme. Again, select all the points using the direct selection tool and use the edit menu and define command. Again, select the CSH tool and layer option and set the fill to no color and the stroke to green or blue etc and then set the align to the center etc (or add dashes etc) such as the artwork on the right (with a shadow added)


Modify via direct selection tool to shift points : distortedOnce you have your preset, you can modify them using the direct select tool or transforms and then define them again as a preset


You can modify the design in numerous ways so from a single artwork, all kinds of unique designs can be created by using the direct selection tool. Select one of the points of the artwork and then drag left or right or up and down to modify the basic artwork. You can also use other tools such as the curvature tool if you are using a more recent version of PS. Once you have modified the work, you can then simply redefine it as a new preset via the edit menu. This can be repeated to create 1000s of unique similar intense designs for your work.


Any number of variations can be created simply by selecting the points and dragging them into different positions.


Transform the artwork to create new variants : zigzag custom shapes and distort photoshopYou can also distort the artwork as well. Simply apply the preset via the CSH tool and then go to the edit menu command and transform path and then use the distort and perspective etc to distort the artwork such as squeeze the design and then go to the edit menu and again define the preset and save it to the CSH presets.


Please note the presets panel displays a filled representation of the vector line but when you actually apply it as a layer the artwork will respect the no fill and stroke and stroke style applied


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