12,000 Photoshop shapes (and Photoshop Elements) Collection

12,000 Custom shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop CC CS6, CS5, CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (Photoshop 14-6) and Elements and Adobe Creative Cloud PC and MAC

custom shapes collection

Date updated: May 20th, 2023

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12,000 Custom shapes collection for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements + bonus gradients

12,000 Custom Shapes collection + special bonus gradients selection includes number shapes, letter / word art custom shapes, star shapes, starburst shapes, distorted shapes, warped shapes, frame shapes, tangled shapes, geometric shapes, burst custom shapes, scratchy shapes, cross shapes, hexagon shapes, arrow designs and 1000s of more shapes from graphicxtras. All the shapes are for Adobe Photoshop CC CS6, CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (Photoshop 14 - 6 by another name) and Photoshop Elements and the new Adobe Creative Cloud - this is the official site for the set. CSH format. Vectors for any size of work. 12,000 truly stunning designs for all your projects. Commercial use, all royalty-free. All the custom shapes can be used to create items for sale. All the designs are by graphicxtras.com. You can modify the custom shapes, warp them, use them as layers, convert them to raster formats, export the designs, use them as a source for 1000s of Photoshop brushes, combine them, distort them, transform them, apply layer effects, apply Photoshop plugins and much more. A truly awesome toolkit of great designs for all kinds of work. Unique items, not repeated throughout the site -- this is not the bundle of all the other shapes sets. . Any questions, please e-mail us on support@graphicxtras.com. Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. See the shapes collection video to see a number of the designs included in the set. See some of the galleries - not all the galleries are shown, only a very few of the 12,000 shapes set Arrow shapes gallery / bit shapes gallery / button shapes gallery / cross shapes gallery / curved shapes gallery / flower shapes gallery / frames shapes gallery / grid shapes gallery

custom shapes collection

Access the custom shapes via the shapes tool and palette in Photoshop and elements


FREE download: 27 Shapes sampler for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

27 Free sampler shapes in standard CSH format as well as elements for PC and MAC. Commercial use, all royalty-free. Please feel free to use and check out the shapes designs. The shapes are vectors for any size of work. The shapes can be used as layers, as fills, as paths and more. The shapes are loaded via the custom shapes palette load replace command as well as file open command in some versions of Photoshop and Elements. The designs are all vectors for any size of work. The custom shapes can be combined and more

Custom shapes collection requirements

The custom shapes work, as with all the custom shapes, in Photoshop - and they also work as well in Photoshop Elements. They work in Photoshop via the custom shapes tool and the shapes blur filter. In Photoshop elements, they work via the custom shapes tool and the cookie cutter tool. Note, they do not work via the artworks palette. The shapes work on all the same platforms as Photoshop, so they work on PC (Windows 8, windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP, windows ME) and they work fine on the MAC OS X (10.8, 10.7. 10.6, 10.5 10.4 10.3 10.2 and all the variants in between - Mountain Lion, Panther, Tiger). All the shapes are stored in standard CSH format - they can only be used in Photoshop applications but there are browsers available.

Videos relating to custom shapes

VIDEO: Custom shapes 12,000 for Photoshop and Elements video

A video showing a large selection of the shapes designs - though as there are 12,000 shapes (or more) in the collection, the shapes are only a small 1% or so of the actual designs. Also the vector designs can be used with any size of designs, not just the small size of the video. The shapes can be applied in multiple colors as well as combined in zillions of different ways. The video also gives a lot of information about the installation of the shapes as well as the basic use of the custom shapes in Photoshop.

VIDEO: Using Photoshop shapes (from collection) to create brushes

The Photoshop shapes can be used as great source for new brush strokes. The shapes can be used as a single design to create a shape as well as combined or multiple shapes. The shape in the video (polygon design) is applied once and multiple times with different fills as well as strokes (in CS6) to create more exciting types of brushes. The brushes are then defined

VIDEO: Custom shapes and 3D layers / extrude video

A video showing how to use the custom shapes to create 3D objects and applying various changes to extrude of the shape, deform the shape, rotation of the 3D object, adding presets to the shape and more. The video ends with showing the custom shape exported as a 3D shape in OBJ format (though it could be google earth, DAE format etc) for use in Carrara and other 3D applications

Combine Photoshop custom shapes - add + subtract + intersect etc

You can combine custom shapes to create new shapes using the 'add to shape area' option for the custom shape layer. A single shape can be combined or multiple different shapes can be combined. Areas can also be subtracted / excluded to create a new shape. A single pack of shapes can be used to create millions of different and exciting designs.


The option to add new shapes / subtract only appears when you are applying the designs as shape layers and paths but not fills. You can always add shapes via the fills by applying the design in the same color; you can also subtract from the shape by applying the designs in white, 'erasing' the shape - the intersect are not possible.


Use the pathfinder / subtract features to create distressed shapes in seconds. Personally, I generally use a vector application such as the fontlab tool or Adobe's own vector application to subtract and add shapes to a custom shape.


intersect shapes

Selections and Photoshop shapes

The artworks in the collection can be used as a great source for selections - you don't need to just draw out a selection or use the rectangular marquee tool to select an area. You can use the shapes in the collection set to create selection areas to copy and paste or fill areas with effects or hue adjustments.


shape selection

Photoshop 32 bit / 64 bit

You can use the same shapes (those in this collection) in either versions. They work just as well. If you use the 32bit version (of Photoshop CS5) you will have to place the shapes in the x86 folder of the program files on the PC. You can use the load / replace as well as file open command and access the shapes from a central folder

Photoshop Custom shapes and channels

Apply a custom shape as a 'fill pixels' option to one channel, apply a shape to another color channel, combining shapes across channels creating stunning RGB images.


1) Select the custom shape tool

2) Select channel palette

3) Select fill pixels (for shape) - top bar of Photoshop

4) Select one of the channels only (say RED)

5) Apply shape to RED channel

6) Select green channel

7) Apply shape, perhaps offset from red design (or smaller or apply effect as well)

8) Click RGB on channel palette to return to standard RGB view

Custom shapes and Photoshop ® color modes

Custom shapes can also be used in different color modes so instead of using the shape in RGB, use the shape in LAB and apply perhaps to the L (Lightness channel). The custom shapes can also be used in duotone and tritone color modes. You can also use them in CMYK and other color modes as well as 8bit color and 16bit and 48bit color (as well as 96bit probably if that ever appears!) The custom shapes are a really flexible feature of the application.


duotone color mode shapes

Export Photoshop shapes to other applications

Custom shapes can be applied as a path (via the shapes options), use the 'export paths to ai' to save the path as AI format. Use this file in multiple applications. The custom shapes can also be copied to some applications via the pasteboard / clipboard


1) Select the custom shape tool

2) Click the path option (top bar of Photoshop)

3) File menu and Export command and Paths to AI

4) OK


You can also export the Photoshop shapes via the save command if you save the designs as a raster file (blend with the background) such as in PSD or PNG format. You can, if you wish to spend the time, go through all 12,000+ shapes and create huge 2000 x 2000 files and save each and everyone of the designs to PNG. Just an idea for a wet Sunday afternoon.


splat shapes

Selection of splat / blot custom shapes applied in different colors across an image

Use as a shape layer in Photoshop

The custom shape can be used as a shape layer, shape layers can have a layer effect applied such as metallic or blue gel creating stunning metal / gel / wood / plastic shape designs and more.


Shape layers can also be transformed, distorted, slanted, scaled, rotated and much more. The transform path menu and warp can be used to warp a custom shape into an arc shape / twirled shape and more.


Modify the applied effect via the layer effects menu


surreal shapes

Selection of abstract shapes from the shapes collection

Photoshop Shapes as paths

Custom shapes can be created as path. The one trouble with the path option is that there is no fill so all you can see is a very thin line and if this is applied against a messy background it is often hard to see the Photoshop path. The path can be converted into a selection via the paths palette. The selection can then be transformed, filled, used as a selection for effects


structure shape for Photoshop

Fills and custom shapes

The custom shapes can be applied as a shape layer but you can also apply the design as a fill pixel (it is the third option on the option bar of Photoshop). The custom shape tool is found beneath the other shape tools over rectangle, ellipse tool, line tool etc. Once you have selected the shape tool, the available shapes for the fill are made available via the dropdown on the option bar (to load new shapes, use the load / replace functionality). To apply the design as a basic fill, just set the color for the fill via the foreground color and then apply the design to the document (that depends on you). The shapes can be applied once or multiple times and can fill the entire document or just a small part of the document. You can also use the custom shape as a source for a brush (edit menu define brush) and then apply the design as a fill via the brush stroke - again, up to you. The fill is applied with the current opacity and mode setting (you can set the mode to normal, difference, multiply, darken and other modes). You can then combine multiple fills by using the blend modes or opacity. You can also create a new layer and apply the shape as a fill on that layer, this does have an advantage of allowing the shape transparency to be used with layer effects and drop shadows and bevels (otherwise the normal fill custom shape is just a flat design). The fill / custom shape can also be further modified, either applied on the background or on a layer, via effects which can be applied to the fill to create blurred versions of the shapes or stained glass fill effects etc. The fills can also be constrained by the selection tool / marquee tool or other selection tools found via the select menu. If you try and apply the fill outside of the selection, nothing will be applied - only the part inside the selection will be filled. You can also use the powerful fill custom shapes to create masks which can then be used to create complex and exciting selections.



The above fill designs are created using different colors (set via the foreground in the Photoshop toolbox). The shapes displayed are found in the custom shapes palette. Part of the curved and warped shapes designs included in the shapes collection set.

Use Photoshop custom shapes with CS4 / CS5 / CS6 / Creative Cloud

The shapes work with many of the new features of Photoshop - they work fine in earlier versions as well as the latest Creative cloud version (of course, they also work in Photoshop 12 and 13 etc if you generally refer to the single application version of the application). The latest version does include a number of new options of interest for the shapes such as adding strokes to the shapes (though you could always add basic strokes to the shapes via the layer effects dialog in previous versions), the new version adds a whole range of different options such as dashes and gaps to the stroke. Personally, I wish Adobe would add even more to the shape such as an appearance palette (such as in Illustrator) so additional fills and strokes could be added the custom shape. It is now a lot easier to change the color of a shape layer and add a gradient and pattern to the shape - this is only for the shape layer and not, sadly, the fill option (why, I am not sure). The fill option does offer a number of additional features I am certain with future versions of Photoshop even more features will be added to the custom shapes and they will become an even more powerful toolkit of designs. Below shows some of the new features such as the stroke and fill options in CS6.


zag shapes


You can see the fill and stroke via the options bar. The stroke options are beside the stroke dropdown. Many different stroke options for the shape exists such as dashes and gaps as well as alignment, corners and caps for the stroke. The zigzag designs shown above can be modified in countless ways such as adding a gradient or pattern color as well as many complex strokes. You don't even need to have a fill, the fill can be set to "no color". This can be used to create many interesting line designs with any of the shapes.

Photoshop shapes / Overlays

Shapes can be applied to an image with 100% opacity, you can use the shape as an overlay with say 50% opacity. This also means the shapes can be used as a watermark over an image


1) Select custom shape tool in Photoshop

2) Select fill pixel option (top bar of Photoshop)

3) Set opacity setting to 50%

4) Apply current selected custom shape

5) Re-apply (great for creating a blurry custom shape design or smudged look)


windmill shapes

Custom shapes and Photoshop ® Blending modes

Shapes can be applied with a different blending mode from normal. Apply the shape in difference blending mode or darken. The shapes can be applied repeatedly. The shape can also be faded after applying via the edit menu and fade command, changing the apply opacity and blending mode.


1) Select custom shape tool

2) Select fill option (top bar of Photoshop)

3) Set color

4) Set mode from normal to 'darken' or 'difference'

5) Re-apply as required



Convert shape into a Photoshop ® strokes

Create a new document, select the shape tool and set to fill or shape layer and then apply the shape with the layer scaling / size / color. Re-apply to build up an interesting stroke design. Use the edit menu define command to create a new stroke from the shapes. Paint.


1) Select custom shape tool

2) Set to shape layer or fill pixel option (top bar)

3) Apply shape (or re-apply shape)

4) Apply effects or change blending mode or change shape and re-apply as required

5) edit menu and define stroke

6) Saved to strokes palette

7) Select a stroke tool as required and paint


Offset shape design

Stroke shape / Photoshop

The shape can have a stroke (such as black or green stroke) via the shapes layer / layer effects menu 'stroke'. The stroke can be a single color or a blend or tile design. Different shapes can have different strokes.

Use part of the shape

You can use the full shape or you can remove the rest of the shape and use only a fragment. This can be done via the direct selection tool or using the pathfinder exclude / subtract tools.


1) Select custom shape tool

2) Set to shape layer or path (top bar of Photoshop / control bar)

3) Go to the middle of the top bar (custom shapes options)

4) Select either 'add to shape area' or subtract from shape area option (depending on the design)

5) Select the subtract option to remove existing area from the shape (either use the same shape or perhaps circle or square)

Scripting and Photoshop shapes

Use the custom shapes in scripts (via listener filter) to create scripts that can use any shape or design to create backgrounds/borders




pointing shape for Photoshop

Modify the shape of the shape

The shape can be used as is but the shape can also be modified as mentioned by the warp and slant and perspective but individual points of the path can be modified and pulled in or out and angled to totally change a shape by using the direct selection tool as well as the add point and convert tools.


distorted shapes


Shapes can be combined with text. The text needs to be converted to a shape layer and then additional shapes can be added to the text via the pathfinder options to add to the shape layer or exclude or subtract.


romantic shapes for Photoshop

Apply effects to shapes

Shapes can be blurred, stain glass filter applied, distorted, lens flare, all can be applied to a shape, either a shape layer, selection or fill. The shape layer needs to be rasterized before it can be blurred (sharpened isn't perhaps as useful for a vector). With the most recent versions of Photoshop, the shape can also be used as a smart object and as a smart object, smart filters can be applied (this does not take into account all the third party filters).

Photoshop Elements Artworks / Photoshop elements 5.0

For Photoshop ® Elements: If you wish the item to appear in the Artworks and Effects palette (of Photoshop Elements 5) then goto to the 'Documents and settings' folder and 'all users' 'application data' 'adobe' 'photoshop elements' 5.0 'Photo Creations' 'Artwork' 'shapes' and create a sub folder marked 'graphicxtras' (say) and then add the CSH shapes files to that, the shapes will then appear in the 'graphicxtras' category. You can add different categories as required. Note, on re-starting Photoshop Elements, the artwork cache will be re-built. The location for the shapes folder may vary, as I have yet to check out the equivalent on windows Vista. This has now been changed and the exact method for the installation of the shapes / artworks into PSE is not so clear.

Blur - shape blur command

The shape blur filter can use the shapes as source for a blur effect using different radii. The result can be more or less successful depending on the shape selected. The shapes appear in the standard shapes palette. Lower settings seem to be best but depends on the file.

Photoshop Shapes palette and custom shapes options

The shapes are displayed via the shapes palette. The shapes palette can hold a large range (though not every shape created on graphicxtras) as shape thumbnails. To use a shape, simply select. The shapes palette can also be added to via the standard file menu and open command as well in later versions of Photoshop and Elements


1) Select the custom shape tool

2) Go to the top bar of Photoshop (custom shapes options)

3) Select the shape dropdown

4) Select shape

5) Apply shape as required


There are additional items associated with the custom shape tool such as apply the shape as constrained or unconstrained or a defined size or apply from the center


1) Select custom shape tool

2) Select defined size (set size as required)

3) Go to the document

4) Click and re-peat click to apply the fill design over the entire document (great for a nozzle like effect for shapes)

Tiles and custom shapes

Open a new document, apply a shape as a fill or shape layer, flatten, and then use the define command to save the tile. The generated shape designs can thenbe used in fills as well as new fill layers and also with the new deco scripts in CS6. You can also fill the shape layers with the same shape design.

Photoshop Shapes and glass distortion

Open a new document, apply a shape as a fill or shape layer, flatten, save the document as a PSD file and then use the PSD file in texturizer filter / glass filter

Quick mask mode

Apply the shape in quick mask mode to create a quick selection

Edges and custom shapes

Use the shapes to create a edges / masks. Use the design combined with pathfinder and subtract or add to the shape to create an edge


Use the shapes in animations. Add shapes, the same or different shapes, transform the shapes, perhaps shrinking or rotating the shapes and apply them across new layers. Go to the animation palette and use the 'create from layers' command to create a basic animated film from a set of custom shapes. Export to GIF or even SWF

Cookie cutter tool / scrapbooking

The custom shapes can be used with the cookie cutter tool in Photoshop Elements. The shapes for the shapes tool and the cookie cutter tool are the same. The cookie cutter tool offers a number of features such as feather, skew, scale, rotate the custom shape as well as crop the document to the current shape.

Packaging and more - infinite use for the shapes

The shapes can be used to create packaging, used to create fashions, use on t-shirts, use on cards, rubber stamps and much more. They can also be used to create posters, shoes, documents, logos, ceramics, tiles and more

Actions and Photoshop shapes

Save the custom shape drawing as an action to re-apply the design at a later time. Apply multiple custom shapes designs and save as an action

Use of Photoshop shapes

Shapes can be used in 1000s of ways. Use in leaflets, books, illustrations, designs, as layers, as fills, use in web designs, in scrap booking, use in rubber stamps, use in fashion designs, use in tattoos, use on t-shirts, use on surf boards, use as masks, use as overlays and much more.

Custom shapes recommendations

1) from (of Pixlwrks Studio): "I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I have the craziest uses for all of this -- I'm a jewelry Designer, and using the shapes, layers and strokes to design jewelry has been phenomenal! I going to write to Photoshop User and tell everyone to buy your stuff "


5 / 5 stars

2) from Ann Brown (annbrownphotography.com) "Thank you for having enough time on your hands to sit and create all these lovelies, Andrew. There are zillions of them and they are very affordable. I'm sure I will find many uses for them"


3) From Carol Goodell Bingham Farms, Michigan, USA Member: MacGroup Detroit/NAPP: "From my perspective, using tools from Software Ltd/tools . for Photoshop ® leads me to places and designs I would never have arrived at without them. The path itself is exciting and allows my artist's soul to play freely and happily."



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