How to create shape fragments in Photoshop tutorial

vectorsHow to create fragments of paths from vectors etc in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 etc tutorial


Select custom shape tool to create shape fragment. Set to layer or path (top bar). Go to the middle of the top bar (custom shapes options). Select either 'add to shape area' (or as it is now known as combine) or subtract from area option (depending on the design). Select the subtract option to remove existing area from the shape (use a circle, square etc to remove) creating a much reduced fragment of a vector design in Photoshop


Video tutorial about the fragmentation subject by (youtube)


Using fragments of paths can be a great source for new PS graphics. It can also be saved as a preset via the edit menu define command.


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You can use the combine / add etc feature with vector layers as well as subtract to create all kinds of unique 'parts' from any design.


The key thing is that you use a vector layer or path.


subtractAnother approach to the above is to select two vector layers and then use the layer menu and combine shapes command and subtract command.


Select multiple layers in the layers panel. You can then go to the layer menu and use the combine category and select the subtract command and all the latest selected artworks will be removed from the first design selected.


anchorYou can also use the "delete anchor point tool" to remove a point from a vector graphic, reducing the art to a small sliver of vector art.


You can delete multiple points simply by using the tool and clicking the anchor points.


If you delete from a live ellipse etc you will see a message pop up. You can repeat the delete multiple times.


The artwork on the left was created by using the direct selection tool to select some parts of the earlier design and then delete key was pressed removing part of the design.


The end result will be an open path though (there is no close path feature in PS)


This was repeated with other points in the path. You can then define the resulting chunk of a path via the edit menu


penYou can create all kinds of fragments / parts by using the curvature tool or pen tool. Click the document with the layer option set and click a couple of times to create the design and then go to the start point to close the art. You can repeat that multiple times to create lots and lots of little parts of vector artwork which can then be combined.


They are all small fragments that can be scattered throughout your work.




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