Motion Blur filter for Affinity Photo tutorial

Motion Blur filter for Affinity Photo tutorial

The Motion blur filter for Affinity Photo can be found in the blur menu in the filter menu.

  1. Filters menu in Affinity Photo

  2. Blur

  3. Motion blur

  4. Click document to change radius and rotation

  5. Or use use sliders to change radius and rotation

  6. Apply

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Apply once or multiple : The effect can be applied once or multiple times in your projects. You can use it with different settings each time you apply the effect.


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Use with channels : channelYou can use the 'MB' in the RGB channels but you can also use them in the separate channels


To display the channels panel via the view menu and studio and channels


Open an image and select the red composite and apply the tool using a radius and rotation. Select the green channel and repeat with different settings. Repeat with the blue channel with different settings.


Click the little circular icon at the top to return to RGB


Use with selection : selectionYou can also use the tool with a selection.


Create a quick selection by using the rectangular marquee tool and then apply the tool with a setting for the radius and rotation.


You can then select another part of the image and the apply the tool again with a different selection


You can use the other selection tools found in the select menu such as tonal range and color range and use the effect with those


Live filter layer : liveYou can apply the MB effect as a live filter layer via the layer menu. The live effect means the effect can be altered at any time as well as removed as well as applied to a single layer or all layers.


You can also set the blending mode for the effect so the blur is applied as a difference or darken mode and you can also set the opacity for the effect.


To use the effect on a particular layer, select the layer and then apply the blur.


If you want to apply the tool to the entire image, just don't select any layers and then it will be applied above everything else.


Override settings : panelThe slider for the MB 'radius' is limited to 100px.


You can go to the edit field for the radius and set the value to a maximum of 1024px resulting in an extreme effect.


Combine and macro : You can use the tool in combination with any other effect and also combine them using the macro recording feature.


You can find the macro feature via the view menu and studio.


Use with type : typeYou can use the tool with type as well as normal layers.


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