How to use zoom blur filter in Affinity Photo tutorial

The zoom blur filter can be found in Affinity Photo's blur category (filter menu). Great for all kinds of super fast effects

Zoom blur filter in Affinity Photo

zoom blur filter in affinity photo tutorial
  1. Filters menu

  2. Blur

  3. Zoom blur

  4. Set focus or origin point

  5. Set radius

  6. Apply

    multi origins

You don't have to apply the zoom blur filter only once (of course, you can just apply it only one).


It can be applied in the center of the image (that is the default) and it can also be applied in any other position in the image.


It can also be applied outside of the image. You can apply the ZB with different settings with different center positions


For example - Filters menu and blur category and then ZB. Set focus of origin or center point by using the cursor - off the image totally and then set the radius to a low value. Apply the effect. Go back to the filters menu and blur and the ZB and then choose a different origin or focus point again off the image but now to the right and set the radius higher than previous.


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Using different combinations of the ZB and different centers etc you can create some truly weird and wonderful blurring effects with any image


You can also use the ZB with channels so go to the view menu and studio and display the channels and then use the red channel for one ZB effect and then use the green channel for another and then the blue channel for another to create an extreme color blurring effect


destructiveThe ZB is a destructive effect, the only way back from it is the history panel or restoring the original image.


A quick solution is to duplicate the original image and then apply the zoom blur. Another advantage of this is that you can then use layer masks as well as layer effects and blending modes and opacity etc to blend with the original image


For example - goto the layer menu and use the duplicate and then filters and blur and the ZB and set the focus center and radius and then go to the layers panel and change the blending mode and opacity as required. You can then see more or less of the original image but with a subtle blurriness with the image. As it is a layer, you can also delete the layer as well as disable it


Weirdly there is no ZB as a live filter layerso using layers is probably the easiest way around this


layer maskIf you are using the ZB on a layer, the layer can be masked to remove some of the zoom blur. Paint on the mask using black or gray etc


Any number of combinations of layer masks and layers and blending modes and ZB can be applied


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