How to use depth of Field Blur filter for Affinity Photo tutorial

depth of field blur filter in Affinity Photo tutorialThe depth of field blur filter for Affinity Photo can be found in the blur category of Affinity Photo's filters.


  1. Filters menu in Affinity Photo

  2. Blur

  3. Depth of field blur

  4. Mode (elliptical etc)

  5. Set center / focus

  6. The transition area (inner and outer)

  7. Radius

  8. Vibrance

  9. Clarity

  10. Apply


Video tutorial on the depth of field subject by (youtube)


The tool is a destructive filter effect and can be used once or multiple times to great effect in the application.


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You can use apply the effect via the filters menu and blur and use the interactive controls in the filter to modify the inner and outer circles / ellipse for the blur transition as well as the origin point for the DOFB. You can apply this to a duplicated layer and then use blending modes and opacity to blend the result with the original image.


The DOFB can also be used via the live filter layer in the layers menu and you can then use the blending mode and opacity (as well as the transition and radius etc interactively).


You can use the DOFB combined with other effects to create interesting imagery modifications that can be saved to a single macro for re-use with other images


The Depth of field can also be used with channels so one effect can be applied to the red channel with one radius setting and to the green channel with another setting etc.


The DOFB can also be applied to a selection though to be honest, the effect is never that great


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