Custom shapes and channels

How to use Photoshop custom shapes with the powerful channels (red and green and blue) to create amazing color effects in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc.

Custom shapes and Photoshop color channels

how to use color channels and Photoshop custom shapes
  1. Select the custom shape / CSH tool

  2. Select color "channels" panel (from the Photoshop window menu if not visible)

  3. Select fill pixels (for shape) - top bar

  4. Select one of the channels only (say red)

  5. Apply current selected artwork

  6. Select green

  7. Apply current selected artwork (you don't have to use the same artwork), perhaps offset from red design (or smaller or apply effect as well)

  8. Click RGB on channel panel to return to standard RGB view in Photoshop


Tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


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