Median blur filter for Affinity Photo tutorial

Median blur filter for Affinity Photo tutorialThe median blur filter effect for Affinity Photo can be found in the Affinity Photo's blur category of the filter menu.


  1. Filters menu

  2. Blurs

  3. Median blur

  4. Set radius

  5. Apply the median blur filter for Affinity Photo


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


The median blur filter is a powerful tool that is a destructive effect but it can be used to blur color areas and create a painted effect which can be then used as a source for other effects


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There is only one setting: radius. Set the radius low for a subtle effect, set it to a high value to make the image look very chunky with hardly any detail in the image. You can either add this via the slider or via the edit field or via the screen itself (not so controllable)


The effect can be applied with a low value and create a subtle blurring and smudging of the image giving it a sort of painted look which can be used as a great start point for other filters and perhaps combining with brush strokes


You can apply the MB once or multiple times, perhaps varying the value of the radius and perhaps combining with other effects.


You can also duplicate an existing layer and then apply the MB to that and then set the blending mode for the MB / layer to darken etc to create different pencil sketch like effects (perhaps combining with black and white adjustment layers)


The MB also can be found in the layer menu and live filter layers and you can then use the effect with blending modes and opacity. You can also combine the live layer with other layers such as adjustment layers and black and white or vibrance.


You can use the tool with selections, simply select an area and then apply the blur to that


You can also use the effect with channels so go to the channel panel and then set to red and apply the MB to the red, apply it to the green with a different radius setting and also the blue.


The MB can also be used with text, select a text layer and apply and with a low value the text will look like a poor photo-copier repro. Set it to a high value and the text will be totally lost reducing it to a few dots.


You can use the MB with gradients to smudge the colors - depends on how large the document is to the effectiveness of the smudging though.


There is also a related brush which can be accessed via the tools. It is a noise reduction tool and blends pixels when applying the stroke to a local area of the image. There are a number of options such as width, opacity, flow etc


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