How to add a glow to custom shapes in Photoshop tutorial

How to add a glow to a custom shape in Photoshop CC2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc

Add glow to Photoshop custom shape

how to add a glow to custom shapes in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Go to the gradient tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. Click the gradient dropdown / presets picker

  3. Set a stop in white on the far left

  4. Set a stop in pink or red to the far right

  5. Set gradient style to radial

  6. Create a gradient extended beyond the image

  7. Select custom shape tool

  8. Select shape from presets picker

  9. Apply custom shape

Additional approach would be to add the shape in white or a lighter color than the background and then apply a gaussian blur filter to the artwork before re-applying the custom shape. That gives you a glow that follows the applied custom shape


Camera raw approach : camera raw heartCamera raw filter can be used to create a quick glow to any vector design as well as other layer.


For example, apply a red custom shape layer on pink background (or any other combination of course). Go to the background layer and then to the Filter menu and select the Camera raw filter. Go to the radial filter (in camera raw filter). Set color to the white. Set exposure of the radial filter to the max (or as required). Feather set to 100%. Go for feather inside. Draw out a radial filter from the center to the edge. Click OK to apply the effect. Layer menu. Flatten


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