How to save custom shapes in Photoshop tutorial

How to save custom shapes sets in Photoshop. How to save CSH format files in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc

Save custom shapes sets

how to save custom shapes CSH file tutorial
  1. Select the custom shapes tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. Load multiple CSH files into the set (if required) via the shapes preset picker

  3. Add new shapes to the current shapes presets picker (if required)

  4. Delete any shapes you don't want from the shapes preset picker (the panel containing all the shapes) by using the alt / option key

  5. Goto the right side of the shapes panel

  6. Save custom shapes in Photoshop

  7. Browse for a folder and give the CSH shapes file a name

  8. OK

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Preset manager : managerThe easiest way to save the Photoshop custom shapes is to go to the edit menu and then preset manager (if using an earlier version) or presets and then preset manager with the more recent versions.


Select the CSH in the dropdown and then select the presets you want to export to a CSH file by just selecting them in the panel. You can select one or more. Once you have finished, go to the save set command to export them to a new CSH



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Format : formatWhen you save the custom shapes in Photoshop the CSH format file will be in the current versions format and may not be accessible in earlier versions of PS.


There is no feature to say export PS 6 CSH or PS CS6 format.


Super sets : superYou can add / load all your favorite designs in a single panel and then export the lot in one single go. That is a great way to save all your custom shapes in Photoshop and then have a super set to work with in future projects (and the resources should not be too hard to handle unlike saving other presets to a large file such as patterns)


Select all the items in the panel and then use the same set command to create a super large CSH file which can then be loaded at any time


Graphicxtras sets : All the sets on this site generally come in small 100 shapes bundles but if you want to add all your sets together then you can quickly use the load command to add more and more of the sets to the presets panel and then go to the right side menu in the presets panel and save all the Photoshop custom shapes into a single set. You can also alter the existing graphicxtras sets such as adding new items as well as revising exisiting items or deleting items that you don't want from the set and then save that Photoshop custom shapes set either to the existing one (make sure you have a backup of the work) or to a new file


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