How to use ripple filter for Affinity Photo tutorial

The ripple filter in Affinity Photo can be found in the distort sub-menu of the graphics application (which can be found in the filters menu).

Ripple filter for Affinity Photo

ripple filter in Affinity Photo
  1. Filters in Affinity Photo

  2. Distort

  3. Ripple filter

  4. Set origin or focus point

  5. Set intensity

  6. Apply the ripple filter

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You can use the RF via the filter menu and also via the layer menu and live filter layer.


The RF creates a circular distortion effect, sort of simulating water effects


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The RF has only a very small number of settings and one that is not even visible on the panel in that you can just use the cursor to modify the origin point of the effect. You can modify the intensity of the effect via the panel. Always remember to click apply otherwise the effect will be lost.


You can apply the RF multiple times perhaps with different intensities as well as different origin points.


You can use the RF with layers so you can add multiple layers and then use the RF and blend the layers with different blending modes to create different combinations of the distortion effect


You can use the RF in different color channels and that can be done by going to the view menu and studio and channels and then go to the individual channels red green and blue and applying the RF to each channel with a different origin point for the effect as well as a different intensity.


You can use the live layer with a selected layer as well as selected text or just adding it so the live layer is above all the layers and the RF is applied to all the layers. Select some text and then apply the live layer effect and the RF is added to just the type so if you have ABCDE etc then that is modified. The type is still live so you can always go back to the characters and change them to something like CAT.


You can combine the RF with other effects such as mirror etc in macros so record all the steps of the application of mirror and deform and RF etc and then just add that to your library of macros for future use


You can also use the RF with a selection so go to the rectangular marquee tool and then select an area and then go to the RF and use the effect for just that selection. You can then select a different area and then apply the RF perhaps with a different setting and origin


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